For those who have been waiting for the opportunity to take panoramic pictures on your phone, the wait is over. Pano for Android is made by the same folks who developed the hit iOS app, and like the iOS app, it works really well.

Using Pano is simple: take your picture, line up the edge along the left of the picture, and continue snapping away until you're done taking your panoramic shot. When you're done, you click the check button and your images are merged. Simple. Painless. It's awesome.

Settings are pretty nonexistent in Pano. If you press menu, your only option is to enable or disable geotagging. On the main interface, you can only merge your pictures, take another, or rotate the orientation. And really, you shouldn't need to do much more than that.

A little niggle of mine (and maybe it's just me), is that the shutter button on my EVO 3D doesn't take a picture if I've got Pano open. Maybe it was designed for all of the button-less Android phones in mind, but now that I've got one, I want to use it, and I can't. Otherwise, Pano rocks.

Pano doesn't come free but it does come pretty cheap, weighing in at a mere $1.99 for unlimited panoramic pictures, cell phone-style. If you've been itching for this functionality and have been burned otherwise, it's definitely something I would consider buying.

A few more pictures and download links are after the break.

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Android App Review: Pano


Where do you access the panoramic feature in sense 3.0?

I'm not seeing it on my gf's EVO 3D...

The Captivate (and perhaps other Samsung Galaxy phones) have this feature baked into the camera. It works fairly well.

The trick with any of these is to rigorously control your tilt so your shots are all as close to perfectly level in landscape as well as keeping the camera tilted (up/down) exactly the same for the entire series of shots. Otherwise you get the tilted wall effect like a night out drinking as in the above photos.


Little sample here shows the back of the bullpen before a game as Safeco Field.

Just about. ;-)

Its actually pre-game. But you can stand there and watch pitchers warm up during the game and heckle them if you want (and you keep it nice). Its as close as I care to be to a 95mph fastball.

Wondering if Vignette might add this soon.

I use this feature often on my digital camera, Sony has a sweeping panoramic feature that is awesome.

it sure does. i am using a X2 and its on there as well. have to go into picture modes and its one of the options.

Original DX sure does come with the feature, been using it since day one. You have to click the menu hard button / then choose picture mode / then choose panorama in the pop up. Works great!

I have been using Panorama Beta for a while now and love it. With this one there is no individual picture taking. Just tell it what direction you are going to pan and then pan. For the most part it takes really good pictures. Only issue I have with it is if you are panning across an area that is shadowed in some parts and not others, the result is a bit off.

Here is an example of a good shot,

And a good shot mucked up with shadows, but still not that bad,

Thanks for the heads up guys... I was thinking of buying this app, but you made me realize that it's built into my Galaxy S II.

The app seemed cool, but it froze my Motorola Atrix 4g when I tried to open my albums. Had to uninstall.

-Motorola Atrix 4g running Gingerbread

if you have upgraded to the official gingerbread for the atrix, you have an option for sweeping auto panorama in your camera, brah.

In the camera, hit options, and tap picture modes.