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Seems like everyone's trying to get into the grassroots, local news movements as of late and Meporter is the latest to enter the fray. The idea behind it makes me think of something like CNN's iReport, but maybe even better because this is truly up-to-the-minute, whereas on something like iReport, you better have a really cute kitten stuck in a tree to make the front page.

Meporter Local News Desk turns your phone into a reporter's notebook by coupling our own inane obsession with instant news and instant gratification with the power of social media networks to disseminate information.

Make sure you've got an account, and whenever you see anything of interest, simply snap a picture or take a video and attach it to your story, throw in a title and some body text, and then choose if you want to post to Facebook and Twitter. Your news will also go to Meporter's website, where people can read it and share it in turn.

The app interface on the phone is clean and simple, consisting of only five buttons, the most used of which will probably be Post. You can also pull up a map of the surrounding area that'll show you where other Meporter's stories have been written as well as your local newswire, your friends list, and your own profile.

I think Meporter has potential, but only if its userbase continues to grow. If you're an aspiring newshound or just love to contribute on social media, Meporter is worth taking a look at. With how overwhelmingly relevant social media has become (and continues to be) in our day-to-day lives, it's only a matter of time before a platform like Meporter becomes a go-to brand for information.

Meporter Locan News Desk is free in the Android Market and we've got download links after the break.


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Android App Review: Meporter Local News Desk


Besides the achievement system, how is this different from what everyone already does on Youtube or CNN's iReporter??

Well it probably just got some new users. Interesting review now I just have to figure out how to use it as a news/promotion tool.

I think this, (app), and or the like, if executed well, can be a fantastic tool, for most of us; ‘IF’, we find one or more, trusted persons, referred to as, ( Meporter/‘Reporter’), to be able to go back to, time and time again, and or hear of one and or their report, so that we can come here and check it out.


Yes, we may have a great source for certain, Local, National, and or World News, to be uploaded at 6:00pm on certain days or whenever or whatever, and to have them, ‘Report’, and or (Meport/Meporter), on subjects such as, Breaking News, or something else, like Mobile News or the Sacramento City Council, in California.


One or more Super Star Reporters could really get this to be a Hot Place to Check-In!


I would think they could even ask for donations to help them keep doing what we want them to do if this became a thing that they were putting time and money into so as to be able to do what they are doing.