If you're anything like me, you take notes. I takes notes on Post-Its, I take notes in my schoolwork, and I take notes on my phone. What I haven't been able to do up until now, though, is take notes and assign them to contacts. BytNotes looks to remedy that problem by letting everyone do just that.

BytNotes is pretty simple. You create a new note, then assign it to a contact. When they call, the note pops up and reminds you about whatever you wrote about. You can either close the note out or close it and dismiss it. Simply closing it will have it pop up again when they next call, where dismissing it keeps it from returning.

Setup is easy and the app works well. My only complaint is that you have to close the note before you're able to answer a call. Maybe I don't want to close it. Maybe I need to get STRAIGHT to the call. I should have this option.

Otherwise, if you're the note taking (or forgetful) type, I'd recommend bytNotes. It's $1.01 in the Android Market.

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Android App Review: bytNotes


I like the idea of this app. I'm thinking, what if you open the call with speaker phone, then go back and open app. This will give you the message to read while in call. I still think having the option to answer call while leaving app open would be better. Workarounds only seem acceptable for so long, then they become annoying.

What phone are you using because this is built into htc phones with sense. I would not pay for this app. So of you have an htc phone please do not buy it is in the contact you go to edit contact and scroll all the way to the end and there is the address not section.

You're missing the point. The note pops up when they call. I HATE the way in Sense you have to: Find "search", type name, find contact, scroll to the note. Now I have it. My ancient Treo was far better and more intuitive than my Android. Too bad it was otherwise out dated.

Harold42483. Correct me if I'm wrong but "notes" with HTC contacts only let's you make a note about the contact. When the contact calls a "note" doesn't POP up.