Android Pro Widgets

If that widget looks familiar and you're not using HTC Sense, chances are you've been acquainted with LauncherPro Plus and the Sense-like widgets that are bundled with it. I'm a big fan of LP+ and all, but the only thing keeping me tied to it were the awesome widgets. Thanks to Android Pro Widgets, however, I'm free to move on.

Android Pro Widgets is a free Market download that looks to replicate the Sense/LP+ widget and make it usable on any launcher. Android Pro Widgets does just that, and it does it well. Widgets scroll nicely, and there's a good variety.

One of the best selling points about Android Pro Widgets is that it's actually free to use. The only things you miss out on by not buying the license are the skins, unlocking the timeline widget, and a few features unique to certain widgets (people, calendar, agenda, and bookmarks). There's fairly strong theme support already, and the "Holo" theme based off of the Honeycomb look is just too cool.

If you're looking for excellent widgets but don't want to have to be confined to Sense or LP+, I'd definitely take a look at Android Pro Widgets. For me, it means being able to use ADW EX again, and that's worth the $1.99, to me.

More pictures and download links are after the break.

Android Pro WidgetsAndroid Pro WidgetsAndroid Pro WidgetsAndroid Pro WidgetsAndroid Pro WidgetsAndroid Pro WidgetsAndroid Pro WidgetsAndroid Pro WidgetsAndroid Pro Widgets

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srkmagnus says:

I have read nothing but good things about the LP+ widgets. Its good to see an alternative widget that provides the same type of functionality -- I myself enjoy ADW EX :).

icu says:

I'm still a fan of LP+ through and through - if I were to switch launchers I'd miss the Widgets, but the one I'd miss most would be the GMail widget which I do not see listed *sad face* (especially since the latest GMail update broke the LP+ for the time being ...)

Issemann says:

I personally like the scrolling panel of shortcuts that LP offers. (You know... The 5 shortcuts at the bottom of the screen!) Any news on when LP will be updated with a fix for Gmail notifications?

swissarmy says:

Glad to see the write up on this app. However, I still love LP and posted on launcher pro forums they have a fix for the gmail widget issue, but it does involve downgrading your gmail which I think makes it a security risk?? Here is the link if you want to use the gmail widget again :)

Donmeister85 says:

That's GREAT news! I used to use LP+ but then switched over to ADWex a few months ago. I've actually gotten used to not having the LP widgets, but this app is looking to change that. Will try this out for sure. Thanks for the heads up!

dchawk81 says:

Tried it for a few minutes, bought it. This makes Go Launcher what LPP should have been.

fatboislimm says:

Ehh, I still prefer GO Launcher. They're Sense-like widgets are actually a little better than Sense (and these), and they're all free. Check em out, don't be scared, it won't cost you anything

WAldenIV says:

The Go Launcher calendar widget always defaults back to calendar view and won't stay on the agenda view. For that reason I'm going to try this.

That weird. Mine does the opposite sometimes.

this is great for my MIUI because it does not have scroll able widget support but with a click on the widgets makes it scroll able, AMAZING!

Impulses says:

Does it include a Facebook widget that actually works or is Facebook's API still broken with all third party widgets? Whether it's Sense or Pure, they all seem to be missing a good majority of posts on my feed, and Facebook's own single post widget blows... I find myself using the horrid app a lot, which sucks, Pure's messenger widget used to be fantastic. I'll check this out but I doubt the calendar, agenda, and task widgets can stack up with Pure's ultra customizable options.. Pure's scrolling widgets have been around for over a year and they're very slick, used to see them mentioned all the time, not so much anymore... Dunno why, the music one is also great, tons of skins, tons of size options. A nice RSS alternative would be great tho, Pure's missing some key options imo.

olorin says:

I now use a combination of these widgets & the GO Launcher EX widgets (the transparent theme makes both widgets match).

I prefer the messaging widget from the GO Widgets, though. You can do everything in the widget without opening the actual messaging app! Even has a great conversation view!

For you LP people out there, you really should take the time to try GO Launcher. Widgets are no longer a good excuse. I've used LP, ADW, and GO Launcher. By far, GO Launcher my favorite &, in my opinion, more customizable. These widgets just complete the package! (BTW... both Facebook widgets seem to work great & are the best I've used)

Go launchers good but drains battery. Its mainly they're folder icons that look iphony that really differentiates. They're Facebook widget is too much work to look at. Twitter widget is probably the best out there. Android Pro looks like Colorize Widgets. Look em up in the market

olorin says:

Actually, the difference is in the amount of customizing: more animations, more home screens available, great developer support. I used not to like their widgets, but the latest versions are fantastic (especially if you theme them). Also, all the animations are smooth as butter... something I can't say for adw (which I paid for). Plus they have updates every 1-2 weeks which alternate between adding features & enhancing operation. As for battery life, I haven't noticed any issue. I used to use the colorize widgets you mentioned, but as soon as I switched to Go Widgets, I noticed an immediate speed increase in my phone. If you haven't tried the Go Dev products in the last 3-4 months, then you probably haven't experienced them at their best. They have improved dramatically since I first installed.

jazzbassist1 says:

Finally! The Calendar/Agenda widget was the only thing that was held the LauncherPro ball-and-chain to my android phone. Now I can freely use ADW like I've always wanted!

This might be off topic, but is anyone else sad that Fede (LPP dev) pretty much abandoned it so he could work on UberMusic? LPP was the best, but it's fallen behind the times. Too bad, I guess