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Guest review by Kerri Neill

Mobile Checkbook, a hugely popular personal accounting application on the BlackBerry platform, is now available for Android devices. Mobile Checkbook allows the user to quickly enter in both deposits and withdrawals while maintaining an accurate bank balance on the go.

Mobile Checkbook allows you to ditch that paper transaction register and record their transactions as they occur. You can also transfer funds, reconcile accounts as well as set up automatic/recurring transactions. There is no limit on how many accounts you may create and the application allows you to use one of many currency options.

  • Transaction lists can be exported via email with optional XLS or QIF attachments which can then be imported easily into most computer financial software like Quicken or Quickbooks.
  • PIN code password feature that you can set just in case you're worried about someone seeing your financial information if your phone gets lost.
  • Secure cloud based Backup/Restore option
  • Show/Hide Available Balance on the apps main screen
  • Reconciliation
  • Multiple date formats

Mobile Checkbook is currently available in the marketplace for only $0.99! Hit the break to download this fantastic financial application today.


Reader comments

Android App Mini Review: Mobile Checkbook


Just like every other financial software for my phone that exports to QIF format, you can't use QIF files to sync to a checking account in any version of Quicken that's newer than ten years old. I really want some type of mobile software similar to Pocket Quicken that actually works unfortunately they are all USELESS to most of us.

Wait... Quicken can't read "Quicken Interchange Format" files? And you think that is something to blame on anybody other than the makers of Quicken?


This was my favorite and most used app on BlackBerry. SO excited that I can finally download it on my Android phone! I highly recommend it since its the only checkbook app for Android with all the features.