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I think there's zero shame in admitting I'm actually pretty excited for this Android kids app. Chances are if you've had kids in the past 20 years or so, you've read them a book from Sandra Boynton. Blue Hat, Green Hat; Moo Baa La La La; Hippos Go Berserk; But Not The Hippopotamus.

And, of course, the Going to Bed Book, which is now available on Android. The app is exquisitely done by Loud Crow Interactive, going so far as to keep the feel of the original indestructible book, which you'll notice when you turn the page.

You can choose to have the book read to you -- narrated by Billy J. Kramer (the Cow Planet guy!) -- or you can read it yourself. Tapping on an individual word repeats it, which is great for teaching the young ones to recognize words. The characters on each page are interactive, with a couple of surprise (one of which we show you in the video above). There's also music that can be controlled via a slider on the first screen.

Will this replace reading actual physical books to your kids? Nah. There's the slobber factor, and I don't want anyone chewing on a $600 tablet. But it's still pretty darn cool, and well worth a quick $2. Download links are after the break.


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Android Kids App: The Going to Bed Book


My daughter has theoretically outgrown the Boynton books, but refuses to get rid of them. I've seen that a few more have come out since we were at that age, and I think we might have to buy them just to complete the collection. I'll have to look at the app too.

Cowwwww planet ...

I'd like to see publishers put out apps that manage multiple kids books each so there's a little variety without having a ton of extra app icons in my app drawer. *Rushes off to see if there's a Scholastic app*

My personal favorite is, “But Not the Hippopotamus.”

That said, I’d like to see more of these “self contained” books developed for the slightly older ages. Boynton books are for children too small to sit and use them by themselves. Let’s have some interactive books for children in the 3+ range.


Be careful what you wish for - My month old daughter went to bed last night and woke up this morning 2.5 years old. It happens that fast. Take time to enjoy the time between now and then!

Don't want your son chewing on a 600 tablet? How bout just one of those bargain low-quality tablets. (there are plenty in the 7'' range) They aren't perfect, but with a decent case it would probably be good enough for some books and live a decent life.

This is one of my 13 month old daughter's favorite books and we read it every night before bed. I think I have to get this for her!

Looks good, definitely going to pick this up. And now that I've disabled the n button on my Nook color, I can actually do things with my kid not going back to the homescreen all the time

My son has the Rhino from the Sandra Boynton Series as well as a couple books from the series including The Going To Bed Book. My Oldest is 5 now but Rhino has always been his favorite stuffed animal and he continues to sleep with him. We also continue to read the Boynton stories to to the younger son and the whole family still very much enjoy these books.

And while the stories are a little young for my 5 year old, I have a few children's books for my Android and he very much enjoys them in this format. We have some physical books to go along with these readers and we often read them together. It has been a great tool in helping learn to read with the touch interactivity. I think any child from 2 to 10 will enjoy this format of children's books and will help encourage the fun and learning in reading. I have spent a small fortune in children's books and any book under $5 is well worth the price, let alone an interactive e-book that brings a smile to a child's face.

Awesome! I am glad to see someone in the media highlight the ways Android entertains kids. I have a 5 and 3 year old. I plan to purchase a Tab 8.9 soon and will be picking up any/all apps that are quick educational supplements for the kids. (But not full-on apps requiring long periods of time - those are for Daddy!)

Thanks Phil!