Samsung Fascinate 3G+

If you have a Samsung Fascinate 3G+ on Telus and have been waiting for, what seemingly is forever for them to update it to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, then today is a good day for you. Android 2.3.3 has been released via the Telus website and anyone looking to update can now do so. The update is done through Kies so, be sure to grab a copy of that before you get started. You can find the full details over at the Telus website.

Source: Telus; via: Android Central Forums

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Croak#AC says:

Actually, the 3G+ is the older one, with ~7Mbs HSPA+, since they call the one with the larger battery and higher data speeds the (wait for it) Fascinate 4G.

Oryan says:

Someday this update is going to read *Verizon* Fascinate and I will crap myself. By that point I may burned my fascinate at the stake, so many issues with this phone. It would be amazing if it worked right :/

Famboiz says:

Verizon dosent even sell the Facinate anymore according to their website.

Oryan says:

I know people don't put stock in Samsung anymore about updates, but they did make the promise to upgrade to GB. The leaks are out. I just don't want to bother with rooting and having even more bugs.

Jay Evans says:

Best Buy still does.

Ronindan says:

Hi Blaze, this GB is actually for the older Fascinate. The Fascinate 4G is coming out later I think.

Bla1ze says:

Fixed..took out the reference to the 4G version, sorry. Silly carriers and their redundant versions of the same phone. :/

Ronindan says:

Np, beside anybody that uses Telus knows it is not 4G yet. ;)

By the time I get official gingerbread for my epic my vigor will be on my door step lol.

nathanb131 says:

Gingerbread? Is that what comes after Froyo? Which is what comes after whatever mine has?

Not sent from my Verizon Samsung Continuum Galaxy S running Android 2.1.

Could always be worse if I had a Pre and was patiently waiting for the Pre3.