BrightnessAs we all know, battery life is something that we all keep an eye on with Android devices, and one of the biggest offenders in this is the brightness of the display. Setting the brightness of the display is rather easy, and something that can be changed at anytime without the need of rebooting the device or anything. Follow the few simple steps below, and in no time you will be in complete control of your devices brightness.

  1. Launch the device settings
  2. Scroll to Display
  3. Select brightness, uncheck automatic brightness
  4. Drag bar left to right to make brighter / dimmer 

While the device defaults to Auto, this is not always the best setting as often times users can use the device at a lower brightness, which consumes less battery. In the direct sun light you may want to change it back to full brightness, but play around with it, and set it up to your personal preferences.

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Nirvana328 says:

Great info, but how about some 201 and 301 level tips? You know for more advanced things like deeper system settings/tweaks or even rooting or modding information?

esoh says:

Anyone know of any apps where you can use auto brightness but have the default be about 20% less? I find the settings on auto to be too high

Bujin#IM says:

I use the power control widget, with a brightness set to 0/30/60%. Those three options seem to fit virtually all situations. Not auto, but works for me.

crxssi says:

>"While the device defaults to Auto, this is not always the best setting as often times users can use the device at a lower brightness"

Which is one of numerous features still missing in Android. Even in "Auto" brightness mode, the user should still have control over the bias.

Mike_is_Mike says:

You mean like an auto setting with a max level setting? So if you never go over, say 50%, you should be able to set it at 50%/auto.

bkDJ says:

Might as well mention that if your phone is running a flavor of TouchWiz (so, "Galaxy" devices), then you can long-press on the notification bar. The pulldown will disappear, and moving your finger from left to right will change the brightness.

Grumpa Tom says:

A great tip! Thank you! :)

Izabela07 says:

Touch screen uses 75% of battery so I always have brightness on 50%, never on full.

rtankersley says:

Setting brightness on a Droid Maxx. I see a sliding bar but not a check box for auto.