Anything but Apple contest

Congrats to Android Central member saegir, the winner of this week's this week's "Anything But Apple" contest. Picked at random, he's taking home a brand-new Nexus 7 (with 32GB of storage and LTE, natch) along with a new Chromecast.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled morning news cycle.


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And the winner of our 'Anything But Apple' contest is ...


Where is the lucky winner!
Give a speech and I'll give you my +1!
Jeje, congrats!

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@Phil Nickinson

Thanks for the announcement of the 'saegir' as the Winner of "Anything But Apple". Congratulation 'saegir'.

the truth is I am never lucky on this lottery field. But as i am keep trying and trying with full hope again and again. It's not about the prize, it's about the YES click on luck.

Thanks in Advance

Thanks to AC for having great contests and to the community for all the 'grats. Totally unexpected and couldn't believe it when I got an email letting me know I'd won. Had to look at it twice to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

Thank you AC and all again, and best of luck to everyone on future contests!


To saegir for winning and to Android Central for their dedication to sharing the Android love.

Keep up the great giveaways...hopefully we will all win something eventually...congrats to the winner

Joshua Jordan