American Airlines has announced its Mobile Million Sweepstakes for Android. The company is celebrating the launch of its Android app. And when American Airlines celebrates, it throws air miles at people -- well, kind of. One lucky winner will win 1 million American Airlines AAdvantage miles.

To enter, all you gotta do is download the app and fill out the contest sign-up form -- and that's it! Boom, you're entered to win.. And if you really want to increase your chances, email your friends an invite to the contest, too.

Additionally, American Airlines is giving away 30 Nook Colors, for every 30 days of the contest. The contest starts today and runs until April 28. For more information and fun little video visit this link: [PRNewswire]

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romma says:

Side note* I think your math maybe wrong. Thanks for the info!

gksmithlcw says:


geezagame says:

I was about to say the same.

4 x 25,000 = 100,000

40 x 25,000 = 1,000,000

Interpol says:

Uh, no.

Flying around the world may take 25k miles, but this doesn't mean AA is giving away 1 million FLIGHT miles. They're giving away 1M AAdvantage frequent flyer miles, which you redeem for airline tickets - it currently costs 25k AAdvantage miles for a free domestic US round trip ticket, minimum.

Big difference.

rugbyua9 says:

nook me please! ;)

htowngator says:

Downloaded, entered, uninstalled.


We've fixed the math. (By removing it.) Sorry about that, everybody.

htowngator says:

edit: whoa... comment system went wacky and page not found then multiple errors

now double post

VMdoug says:

If only I flew American (or wanted to fly American). I really wish Delta would get their Android act together.

dannofoo says:

Really? "Boom, you are entered to win." Boom?

tjubb says:

crap, just realized my 6000 miles expired last year, duh, losing! Oh well, I'll take a million more new miles please :)

theory#AC says:

Not valid in Canada or anywhere else for that matter, even though the app is available there.

Thanks AA!