If the airline you frequent flying doesn't have an app to help make your trips a little easier, you might want to look into changing carriers. (We kid! But not really, and here's a list of handy travel apps.) That said, American Airlines just took off (see what we did there?) in the Android Market. With everything from a mobile boarding pass, standby status lists and even a Sudoku game built-in American Airlines has covered a lot of bases with this release. Download can be found after the break. Be sure to grab it before your next red-eye. [American Airlines]


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American Airlines app now available in the Android Market


Free to download, but you have to purchase a membership to use it! (joking)

Come on, Continental... Where's your app? I hate flying AA.

For some reason, it won't download on my Epic. I've cleared all cache (including download manager) and even reset the phone. I see the download status, but once it hits 100%, it never gets to the installing phase. Anyone else having a problem?

I could use this app!!!

AA service is terrible. For the quality of service you get, I would rather fly Southwest or AirTran, thank you very much.