Amazon Cloud Drive Photos

Amazon has released a new app into the Google Play Store called Amazon Cloud Drive Photos. It allows you to view and download to your device photos that you have stored on your Amazon Cloud Drive. Amazon has steadily been adding more photo features to the service; last month we saw picture sharing and iPhoto export functionality added.

It is an interesting decision by Amazon to release a standalone app for photos rather than an all inclusive Cloud Drive app. But then again, many consumers want to view photos in an elegant way rather than in a file manager, so in that manner is makes sense.

The app's UI is designed quite nicely. When you open the app, you'll notice a similar look and feel to their Amazon MP3 app. Just like the music app, you'll be able to download any photos or albums to your device as you'd like and be able to view your entire collection in the cloud or only those stored on your device.

Do you think you'll use Amazon's Cloud Drive Photos app over the Gallery app or another photo app? Sing out in our comments or shout out in the Android Central Apps Forum.

The app is available for free from the Google Play Store.


Reader comments

Amazon releases Cloud Drive Photos app for Android


I saw this in my Share options this morning, and I was confused about where it came from. Probably from their Appstore being on the phone. Cool, I suppose, but I've already got about 1000 other ways to share a picture with someone and save it in the cloud.

Too costly for the necessary space to hold my photo collection, given the free space available from other cloud storage providers.

Since they cheaped out on the amount of free storage, it's not even a consideration. Imagine losing a race before you've even left the finish line. As psyjohn says, too many free options.

I would be excited for this if Amazon had already released Instant Video to Android. They obviously have a working APK as it works on the Kindle Fire. They have even released it on iOS. They need to get this out to native Android. I was buying movies from them and watching on the Roku. Now that Vudu has landed on the Roku, and their purchases come with an UltraViolet copy, I can watch on any system that supports UV, such as Flixter on Android. I might start sending my purchases there.