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In a move that should shock no one given similar pricing for the Samsung Vibrant and Captivate, Amazon is now offering the Verizon-locked Samsung Fascinate (check out our initial impressions here) for just a single penny for new Verizon Wireless subscribers. Current users that are eligible for upgrade can get the phone for $99, which is still a great discout over the usual sticker price of $199. If this whole Bing nonsense does't bother you (or you are willing to use another launcher), this is a great deal for an excellent phone. [Amazon

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Digi#AC says:

I just pulled the trigger on my iPhone/ATT and Ordered this... Like JUST ordered this. ITS AWESOME.

jivester says:

make sure you root and get back the Google in Android!

tlogank says:

Why does everyone think you have to Root to get Google search back? It's false. The fix was even posted right here:

Correct, I have Google Search and Im not rooted. Not a big fan of messing with my phone that much. IMO, this phone is sick. All you really need to do to it is DL LauncherPro and buy Plus version. Soooooo sick!

yankdez says:

Why do a few think you don't have to root to get the full google experience back? The article posted states that you must root if you want the capacative search button to use google search! Btw, theres a lot more advantages to rooting than just fixing this bing/google problem....

tlogank says:

but it's not true, I can hit the search button and it uses google...and I'm not rooted

Digi#AC says:

I work as a Remote Computer tech for a large national company in the U.S. -- This thing will be rooted before it comes out of the box!

tlogank says:

how are you going to root your phone without touching it?

icebike says:

Didn't you read?

He works for a "remote computer tech company".


JohnnyACE562 says:



tlogank says:

Hasn't this has been going on since the phone came out a few weeks ago?

Archon810 says:

Yeah, this has been going on for a while now - nothing new.

icebike says:

So I can just hear Rene Richie over on TiPb pointing in derision to this offer as the reason iPhone is losing market share. "They had to give them away for a penny".

marcg611 says:

Dope phone for cheap, but double check the "plans" with Verizon as well because before I preordered my incredible I was pricing the Droid 1 and noticed it was pretty cheap everywhere else but the cheapest calling plan that I wanted was $15 more than Verizon, do the math you get f***ed over the 2 year contract!

slcbtf says:

moises1204 says:

i was wandering if if this some how can be use on sprint network? this phone is so nice looking but not for me to switch carrier, i will never go to blood sucking verizon.

Kyle Gibb says:

Why not just get the Epic 4G? They are basically the same phone (Samsung Galaxy S) but the Epic has 4G and the slide-out keyboard. And to answer your question: not without someone on the inside of Sprint willing to do lots of technical CDMA wizardry.

moises1204 says:

i had the epic for 3 weeks i just do not like slide-out keyboards.

bhedges says:

Hope they offer the Epic 4G at a discounted price soon. Amazon has done it for all the other Galaxy Phones :(

Kyle Gibb says:

I want to say they were selling them for $200 at some point, not sure what the price is now.