Amazon game controller

Rumored set-top box has its own controller

A new image leaking out today shows what appears to be an Amazon branded game controller. The image obtained by Zatznotfunny shows a pretty regular looking game controller with the addition of Android styled back, home and menu buttons as well as those for media control.

The report claims that the controller will be an accessory available with the much rumored Amazon set-top box. The presence of Android control buttons is unusual for an Amazon product – they're not found on the Kindle Fire – but hints that this box may indeed be running a version of Android.

Source: Zatznotfunny via The Verge


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Amazon game controller appears in leaked images


Interesting. Hope not thought. I love these little battles for the next big thing though, fun to watch.

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Reminds me of s-nes setup but s-nes had yx, ba. Always hated playing xbox when they inverted it and now amazon copies it too. Took me years to take my super punchout snes days of programming yx, ba out of my head. I always hated when it said tap X for a game on xbox, and I thought back to my s-nes memory...that just me?

Still wish they would come up with something unique.

So ugly. Amazon should just stick to retail and Kindle. Gaming is just not their thing.

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Looks very much like the onlive controllers, not very nice to use though.

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I doubt it. Microsoft doesn't seem to try and sue other companies just for making similar-looking hardware, unlike some *other* companies ;) The nVidia Shield and old OnLive controllers also look very similar to an Xbox controller and they have had no problems from Microsoft, to my knowledge.