Amazon Appstore triples selection in a year to 240,000 apps

Amazon's Appstore for Android apps has seen tremendous growth over the past year. That growth has seen the selection triple from 80,000 apps to more than 240,000 today. Other companies like Apple or Google might announce such a thing at a press event like WWDC or I/O, but not Amazon. Even though there's an Amazon event set for Wednesday (which we will be attending) where we expect to see their first foray into smartphones, apparently Amazon couldn't wait to get the word out.

240,000 apps is nothing to sneeze at, though it does lag significantly behind million+ apps in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Amazon claims availability in nearly 200 countries for their Appstore, and that users have "spent hundreds of millions of Amazon Coins on apps, games, and in-app items."

According to an IDC survey (one commissioned by Amazon, so take it as you will), Kindle Fire app developers are seeing higher total revenue (65% of developers), better average revenue per user (74%), and improving access to new market segments (74% — which could just mean access to Kindle Fire users).

It's good to see healthy competition in the app marketplace, even if it does have to come from a behemoth like Amazon. At last count in December the Windows Phone Store was at 200,000 apps, so it's telling when the distant #2 store for a platform has about as many apps as the primary source for another.

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Amazon Appstore triples selection in a year to 240,000 apps


239,987 of them. But i'm not telling you which of the 13 that you shouldn't get... MWUAHAHAHA

(Apps are subjective.)

Them BlackBerry boys lucky they can tap Amazon for apps, they have more apps than BlackBerry World, lol.

Posted via Android Central App

They don't have Google Play. They have a illegal app that taps into Google Play free apps and even then not all apps work or they require Google Services which BlackBerry does not support. Without the Android app support all those BlackBerry evangelists would be lost.

Posted via Android Central App

Most apps I need are on BlackBerry World. But I'm Canadian, so all the banks have an app and main media have an app too. I'd still use BlackBerry because I like how it works, security permission settings allow me to turn individual app permissions on and off, and my employer (a bank) only allows iPhone and BlackBerry 10 (and legacy).

Besides, other than Google Maps (which does work on BB10), I don't need any other Google Services app.

Posted via Android Central App on BlackBerry Z30

Hundreds of facebook and youtube clones are nothing to write home about especially when they just rewrap the website and call it facebook hd etc. Very few of the big games or apps people want and most the apps are paid or versions behind

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thanks Bezos, but i don't want to comingle app stores and confuse my device. i'll stick with Google Play. i like pure and simple.

I remember back in 2010 when amazon's app store was way better than the android market, they had better apps and the developer's updated the amazon store first. Then after Google Play took over a complete reversal happened, and from 2012 and on amazon fell and kept falling as well. Now I only download amazon apps for the free coins to buy stuff in their store, mostly music. Have gotten about $40 in free coins from them for downloading free apps.

I have the Amazon app store because it often gives great deals on Amazon coins. Just the other day I got 25 bucks worth of Amazon store credit by getting some apps for free. That was a net 25 dollar gain, not a reimbursement.

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If you are referring to those 5 free apps and the coins from picking up that GTA title.. the total was $23 that you could receive. I also went for that promo... unfortunately, the version of GTA you had to get was only for the Kindle.. so I can't play it.

I stopped using the Amazon app store. Takes them weeks if not months to update apps after Google play

Posted from my LG G2

With bb10.2 you can sideload apks easy that triples app selection

Posted from my Nexus 7 2013 or Samsung galaxy S5

I have a couple of good titles from their FAoTD selections, but those are a rarity to be honest. (I got [full] Swype, Officesuite 7, TuneIn, Shazam, Runtastic, ad-free games... But yeah, their selection is lacking; Youtube 'apps' half-work at best for instance - I've read the reviews.)

This may seem far-fetched, but when their phone arrives, I hope for an update to the AMZN appstore also - like, integrating IMDB, Audible, Kindle, and appstore into one, single, fast app, like Google Play is now.

When they first launched they had really good free apps of the day. I got sick of having two markets installed though and never check it anymore.

The problem with Amazon app store from my experience is that app updates are slower than the are on the play store and sometimes the app on Amazon just stop getting updates.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

I love what Amazon is trying to do with their app store. Free app every day, plus coins for purchasing and free coins almost every month. The problem, however, is that they don't have enough really good apps. Their next focus should be on getting developers to throw their apps from the Play Store to the Amazon Store, and getting non-kindle versions of apps as well.

I think in a few years the Amazon Store is going to be awesome. And by then, i'll have like $500 in coins to buy everything with. :)

But...but they're the same apps I can side load, so why do I care? It' s not like the have people building apps specifically for the Amazon App Store