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Despite Apple taking them to court over the whole "App Store" naming, Amazon has now gone live with their long awaited Android app store. As expected, along for the ride is the release of Angry Birds Rio and as of right now you can get your copy for free as part of the free app of the day promo. After that time is up, you'll be looking at a charge of $.99 for Rio.

As far as launches goes, how Amazon will make out remains to be seen but they are launching with around 3,800 apps in their catalog and a whole new system for buying -- and trying apps out. Test Drive as Amazon calls it enables some apps to be tested right from within your browser and offering full screen previews of what it is you may be potentially purchasing. Other then that, the layout of the Amazon Android app store is pretty easy to navigate and filter down to finer details if and when needed. [Amazon app store]


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Amazon Android App store now live, Angry Birds Rio tags along for the ride


i downloaded it. Seems easier to navigatethen the market but still bot touching the ios app storein terms of usage. I hate that it doesnt recongize my appd o have already dled.

Angry bords rio is great tho

What are you talking about? I loaded it up fine on my ATT Captivate with no problem However if your talking about ATT not allowing install of 3rd party apps, This can easily be resolved using the sideload wonder machine available to download here.

Or you can just root and go in and edit a line in a database file that allows you to download and install 3rd party apps without issue.

game seems pretty cool, I like the new elements they added. As far as it being US only I'm fairly certain that if it was entirely up to Amazon it would be available world wide, I'm doubtful they are limiting themselves on purpose.

For AT&T users, there's a way to side load apps but I'm not sure if you can do that with Amazon but I don't see why you wouldn't be able to.

I'll pass and wait for Rio to come to the market or once someone strips out the DRM which is only a matter of time...

you're going to pass on the free version of Rio? That makes no sense, so you'd rather download the version that has the DRM stripped out with the possibility that it has a trojan?

I'll pass on the amazon market. in this day and age DRM is a thing of the past. I'm not the only one out there that refuses to buy anything with DRM on it.

so I'm going to assume if you're a gamer you don't have Steam on your computer? You also don't have any DVD's nor do you have any Bluray disks right? you also don't have anything with HDMI since that's essentially hardware drm.

I'd also like to say that Draconian DRM is a thing of the past, DRM however (such as Amazon's implementation) is hardly Draconian.

no I'm not really a gamer. I have tons of Blu Ray disks and use HDMI all the time.

Blu-Ray and HDMI are standards. If I buy a Blu-Ray movie and an HDMI cable today, I know that they will work in the future with any other Blu-Ray player I buy and HDMI will work with any other device with an HDMI port on it.

I have about 1000 itunes songs with DRM that are worthless to me since itunes is now the only thing I have to play them on.

DRM is not consumer friendly.

All amazon's DRM does is verify on the initial use that the content actually belongs to you so I don't really see how this applies. If you buy a game on iOS you have to repurchase the game on Android, that's been the standard (drm or otherwise) dating back as far as I can remember.

Again, there is a HUGE difference between Draconian DRM and DRM. I'm on the same boat with iTunes, however I only purchased 2 or 3 albums years ago and still cannot use them without some work arounds.

If something is standard that doesn't mean it's not DRM, HDMI is DRM. Bluray disks have DRM on them whether it's standard or not, same with DVD's.

My first thought.... why the heck is this game not in the Android Market? Why the exclusive deal with this Amazon store? I'd rather wait get it from the market than via what seems like this complicated Amazon app store. I mean how do you do it, on the mobile web on the phone? It seems unclear and confusing as to how to use the Amazon app store.

Because Amazon is launching their new App Store and how better to attract attention to this than offering the latest installment of the hottest mobile game franchise? A'zon paid $$$ to Rovio to get this and it's cheap like free, so go get it.

ad supported and ad free. All in all I think it isnt too bad of an experience so far. Who cares about DRM, Geez people complain that developers want to protect their hard work so people cant STEAL their apps. If someone came to my house and stole my TV id be furious, so get over it.

that's only one side of the coin. you're not wrong in any way but now that I've made the switch to android from ios a year ago, I have 1k songs with apples DRM that are completely worthless to me now because I can only play them in itunes.

There's other ways to protect your work without the use of DRM.

never heard of an m4p have you. that's what apple use to use. it's nasty.

I have lots of itunes purchased music that works as well.

I'm aware of what it is, I also just change the file to AAC or MP3 from within iTunes if I have problems playing it on another device.

I agree. But then again I am a proponent of people being paid for their work. If I finish a dish on the pass and five people who didn't order it came and munched off of it, I lose my incentive to cook. Plus I'd run out of capital to stock the kitchen.

Turn it "ON" to install the App from Amazon....
Turn it "OFF" when it is done downloading and installed...

So for Amazon App to run, I have to change my setting to "unknown Sources"....that great! Let me open up my phone for anything to install, so I can use a store that is selling app that are free in the real app market

Had a lot of trouble getting it to install on my EVO. Angry Birds never installs unless you unmount the SD card, but the Amazon store requires the SD card for downloading. So I had to wait for it to download and fail to install, then find it in /sdcard/Android/data/, copy it to my phone's root directory (yes, you have to be rooted to do this), unmount the SD card, and then install it from the phone's root.

sounds like there is something wrong with your Evo, rest assured it was easily installed on mine. are you using a custom rom?

I had the same issue on my Evo. If I recall quite a few Evo users had this issue with the original Angry Birds when it dropped. Mine is stock, not rooted, so that is definitely not the issue. I tried a few work arounds but was unable to get it to install on my Evo. Installation fails immediately. Pretty sure I'll have the same issue if I try to buy the non-ad supported original version. Oh well, hopefully the Android Market will have it soon.

Agreed. Short of rooting, I haven't found a way to install any of the Angry Birds games on my stock Evo without unmounting the SD card which the Amazon market won't allow. Fails every time. Any ideas?

Update: I found this on Amazon Rio customer discussion thread:

Here is what I did on my Evo 4g to FIX this issue. Hook up your phone to your PC, open up the device in Windows Explorer, go in and CUT and Paste the .android_secure folder somewhere onto your PC (In case you need it later). This folder should be near the top of the list, it was the 2nd one from the top on mine. For some reason this folder gets corrupt and needs to be recreated. Your phone will automatically recreate a new uncorrupted folder when you unplug it from the PC. Now, unhook your phone from the PC and install Angry Birds Rio. I just did this and it works perfectly now!!!

PS- for this to work your SD card MUST be mounted or you will not see the .android_secure folder.

Thanks to L. Padgett. For the first time I could install Angry Birds without unmounting the sd card. It works great!

Just tried this and it worked for me! Great tip, I almost went out and bought a new micro SD card today to see if that was the issue.

Now if you'll excuse me there are certain structures built by pigs I have to go destroy.

Much panic over something trivial folks. The Amazon App store is just a larger part of the same eco system that is Android. If you don't want to use it don't. Its your choice on your phone... Unless you have AT&T. DRM or not, more choice is NEVER a bad thing. Ask our friends at T Mobile about it.

Said it was incompatible with my device but Rio downloaded onto my device and now is up an running on my LG Optimus V. Too bad we have to wait till November to get all 6 levels wtf?

The game is freakin' sweet. I really didn't like the idea of another app store at first, but with the free normally paid app of the day and free Angry Birds Rio, now that I've got it setup I might as well check it out.

Not available in Canada? Really, Amazon?

What exactly would necessitate a "geographic restriction" on a digital product for an open-source platform? In the case of Angry Birds Rio, two other products from the same developer are readily available in Google's Android Market (for free, no less). Amazon has a proven e-commerce presence in Canada, so collecting payment isn't an issue. I was able to buy e-books via my "Canadian" Kindle while on a beach in the Dominican.

If we wanted DRM and locks and restrictions we'd just buy an iPhone.

I think the real gem of this update is that Angry Birds is finally available ad-free. The ads get in the way AND slow the game down considerably. It's not as bad on my Nexus One, but the game is choppy as hell on my Nook color until the ad goes away. I'll gladly pay a buck to get rid of it.

Agreed. The only thing that's keeping me from going ahead with purchasing and re-downloading the other two versions is losing all my data from them. It's really stupid, but I WORKED HARD FOR THOSE DAMN STARS.

There's almost assuredly a way to back up and restore that data but deathly afraid of messing it up.

yeah, I would not even have to think twice about buying either of the older versions but I don't want to lose all my saved data. Pretty sure the paid version will install and it will be a separate game all together so starting from scratch doesn't sound great to me.

Multiple reviews for the Ad-free version says that it keeps your data when you install over the free one. So go wild.

it installed fine on my Nook Color but came up "not installed" on my Droid Pro. I wonder if you can install on only one device? If so, that would suck balls big time.

I had no problems I installed first on my Xoom then on my DroidX but since I installed first on my Xoom I had to go to all under amazon market and tell it to install on my DroidX. While I like this version of angry birds I am not sure I like multiple markets, guess time will tell.

One thing I've noticed that I like thus far is the ability to leave (and read) a review for an app that's longer than half a freaking Twitter update. In the Market you have to abbreviate worse than a 13 year old girl's text message just to be able to get a point across.

Does it make anyone else mad that you have to have a credit card on file to download a free app? What is this the apple app store?

why would Google allow a competitive market?? I like having the choice as a user but I would not allow it if I was Google and give up the 30%...

That's what makes Google better. It also gives contrast to the Apple way of doing things, e.g. the evil way.

It is also nice that you can try some of the apps online via your computer before you buy. This is a very useful feature.

I'll pass on Amazon's app store, I'll pass on Amazon's DRM and I'll pass on Angry Birds Rio. Angry Birds is the most absurdly overrated game I'be ever played and not even giving the latest installment away will get me on board.

I was initially against using the Amazon App Store. To a point I still am, but I'm a bit more open to the Amazon market now.

The Android Market is good, but the Amazon App Store looks fantastic in comparison. The 'Free app of the Day' is a very solid concept and has me actually considering keeping the AAS just for it. Offering up Rio for free is a genius move, it gets people do DL the AAS and also makes them aware of the 'Free app a Day' program.

I know people complain about DRM, aside from the act of them [optionally] using DRM I see no reason you have to complain. The DRM being used is not overly hostile and seems to be quite consumer friendly when compared to most other DRM (Here's lookin at you Ubisoft).
To all you gamers with Steam, that's DRM. Steam is a DRM scheme in it's own. It's a very consumer friendly one, but it's still DRM. You can't run your steam game without steam running.

I found this on another site and it worked for me.

"Alright found a fix. I hooked my phone up to my computer, browsed to .android_secure and deleted the file 'smdl2tmp1.asec'. Problem solved."

Use the "Report an Issue with this App" option from the appstore and select Contact Customer Service. You have the option to e-mail or call Amazon. I suggest you choose to call them, because I e-mailed them this morning for the same thing and haven't heard back yet. I'm guessing they're probably flooded with "why only US?" e-mails though.

Anyway, give it a shot. But be sure to provide more details than you gave us if you expect to get much help. ;)