Amazon adds 'Live App Testing' to Android and Fire developers' arsenals

Amazon has just launched a new service called Live App Testing. It's designed to allow developers for the Amazon Appstore in general, and Kindle Fire and Fire Phone in specific set up and distribute apps to QA and beta testers.

Amazon announced Live App Testing on their developer blog:

In house testing with side-loaded apps is great for isolating and fixing bugs, but it's not enough. To be certain that your customers are getting the experience you want them to have, you have to test your app against a production environment.

We're excited to announce a new tool for mobile developers called Live App Testing. Live App Testing allows you to quickly distribute your apps in the Amazon Appstore to a pre-defined set of testers before you go live. The testers will be able to sample the full suite of Amazon services - including in-app purchasing - against our production environment, so you can make ensure your app is working as expected. This allows you to gather feedback, improve quality, increase stability and optimize the experience before you push your app live for all customers to download.

Google Play beta testing has been available for over a year and Apple recently announced Testflight would become the official way to test apps for iOS 8.

If Amazon wants to be a major player in apps — and it certainly looks like it does — than having a way for developers to beta test those apps is important. Especially if Amazon intends to offer application programming interfaces (API) all their own and encourage developers to make apps and experiences unique to the FireOS platform.

If you're a developer check out Live App Testing and let us know what you think!

Source: Amazon Developer Community


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Amazon adds 'Live App Testing' to Android and Fire developers' arsenals


Cool to see Google leading the way in this for others to mimic. That being said, good luck to Amazon. As consumer, I personaly am way to intertwined inside Google Play to ever switch to Amazon and buy the same Android apps all over again, the only exception is Kindle books. But good luck to the devs that make apps for Amazon. Definitely can't hurt. Unless your paid app is chosen to be a "free app of the day", then it totally hurts big time.

Posted via Ash William's Boomstick

Great move. With the reference to "side-loading" this makes me think that this will also benefit BlackBerry users who plan to buy Amazon Apps as part of their new deal.