Adobe's cracking through its first-day Adobe Max keynote today. And while we were teased with the Photoshop Touch SDK in the spring, we're now getting down to brass tacks. The promo video above gives you an idea of what's going on. And while things are always ideally edited in promo videos, you get a sense of what's in store. We're talking full digital content creation on Android (and iOS) devices. And as we type this, we're watching a Photoshop Touch demo being done not on an iPad, but on Honeycomb. Android, folks.

Exciting times, indeed.

Source: Adobe; More Watch the keynote live


Reader comments

Adobe's Touch Apps sure look sweet


awesome, a big argument for laptop vs tablet is "until a tablet can do photoshop, its no laptop" well here we are!

If Wacom or another company made a pressure sensitive stylus w/ about 1,000 levels of pressure, this could be killer for artists. Otherwise, I think I'll have to hold onto my Intuos for now.

I'll pay $10 for Photoshop on my Android Tablet! This has me pretty exited as both an artist and a graphic designer. Way to go Adobe!

Very curious as to why this is on Android first and way later on iOS? Better file system storage perhaps? Or maybe just a stick in the eye for all the crap Apple has given Adobe these past couple of years. I love it!!

This looks cool! However, on one of the videos on Adobe TV it says Photoshop Touch will only take a file 1600 pixels x 1600 pixels...

5:35 here

I don't see why everyone is so excited about this. It's not going to be ideal to photoshop anything on a touchscreen with your finger. That's the reason it will only be $10. Nobody is going to pay desktop-like prices for an app that can't be used as productively as on a laptop/PC.

There's more than a few things it will probably do better than the desktop version. Unless you are spending big bucks on a higher end wacom, this will be a favorite of the artistic types.