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If you have Adobe Flash Player 11 installed on your Android device, then you're going to want to head on over to the Google Play Store where there will be an update ready and waiting.

The official changelog on the Adobe website hasn't been updated at the time of writing. But, considering active development has been discontinued, there's a high chance it brings a handful of security and bug fixes. In any case, if there's an update there, it's usually a good idea to download it, so head over to the Play Store now and snag yourself a copy.

Download: Adobe Flash Player 11 


Reader comments

Adobe Flash Player 11 update pushed to Google Play


I used to think that Flash on Android was a big deal. But then I realized all it did was kill my battery. I have been Flash-free on my Android for a little over a year... Don't really notice it or need it at all.

This article reminded me that I haven't installed Flash on my Nexus yet.. and since I haven't noticed it missing. I'm not going to :)

I don't get it. I must be going to different sites than everyone else as I constantly see Flash embedded items on a lot of sites (and no sicko - these aren't porn sites).

I just realized that I didn't even have Flash installed since I installed CM9. Never noticed cause all embedded video's I've come across still played just fine, obviously using HTML5. So I think I'm over all the Flash on my phone hoopla.

Sorry I don't have Flash Player installed on my phone. One of the best things about the ICS update, is that it came without Flash baked in :P

To not use it on the Nexus S is a crime. Its one of the only phones that can run it so well. But I think a lot of people are like me and are afraid to update because it worse on their phones and finding the old version again is too much of a hassle. But then again that's how I do most of my updates.

I once made the mistake of updating plume. I was so angry that they took away their original way of doing ads and how a lot of functionality was scraped. I only update when the app gains a must need feature now.

I just upgraded my flash player to the latest version I am running 4.1.2 JB and flash is no longer working. Any help would be great. I tried uninstalling flash and installing 10.1 again with no luck????