Adobe AIR app demoes

We got a healthy dose of Adobe AIR apps -- coming this Q4 to a smartphone near you --  this morning at the Adobe Flash Summit. So far as our non-developer eyes can tell, things look and feel like native apps. They'll be distributed just like any other Android application, though the Android Market, which will keep things nice and simple.

To see what we saw -- including that awesome Star Wars trench run GPS app -- head on past the break.


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Adobe AIR app demos show what to expect later this year [video]


From Wiki:

"Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), also known as Adobe AIR, is a cross-platform runtime environment developed by Adobe Systems for building rich Internet applications using Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, HTML, or Ajax, that can be deployed as desktop applications."

Basically allow Flash developers to build flash apps that will run out of the browser and/or on different devices.

alright man do have o[era browser like the widgets on those lets call those flash apps now opera allows u to use the widgets out of browser and now u can use flash games out the browser

It basically allows developers to build applications with the Adobe AIR platform instead of the native Android developer platform. Why is this a big deal? Well if they can pull it off it will allow developers to write once and run on multiple platforms. We already have this for the desktop with AIR. Developers can write an app, Zinio Reader or TweetDeck are good examples, that will run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux at the same time with very little tweaking between platforms as AIR handles all of the OS differences. It would save developers a lot of time and we'd start seeing more cross platform applications and games. The downside is the apps will not be optimized for each platform. Instead of running great on one platform (android / iphone / etc) it'll run okay on all. I doubt Apple will let AIR onto the iPhone so for now this will probably only be a big Android thing, but who knows in the future it could either be a huge plus or a big negative depending on how well Adobe pulls it off.

Are you familiar with the Java Runtime Environment? If so, think of it as a JRE. You need the JRE installed on your computer to run standalone java apps. In this case AIR provides a Runtime Environment so that you can run standalone Flash apps on your computer or in this case, device.

I love adobe air I have multiple PC apps run on it (tweetdeck is one) and can't wait to see what dev's come up with for android. ;)

Last spring, everybody saw the Apple-Flash player feud begin, however now it has ended. Apple shocked the app developer world Thursday when it announced that the business is calming debatable limits on the tools programmers are allowed to use to create iPhone and iPad apps.

The proof is here: Truce in Apple Flash feud called with open app approval process. Everybody was more shock when Apple explained it would let the public see its app authorization guidelines. Steve Job’s made the statement without actually discussing Flash. Of course, the Flash app toolkit is in the app acceptance process at present. As soon as news reported Apple’s announcement, Adobe stock skyrocketed.