Google Play Books

Good news for our friends and readers (both, I guess; they're not mutually exclusive) in Germany. You've now got access to Google Play Books. That means easy purchasing through Google Play, and easy reading through the Play Books application.

Now ... Which George R.R. Martin book to begin with?

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Achtung! Germany gets Google Play Books


While this is a nice thing, the problem in Germany is another: The Price.

In Germany we have a law that forbids to sell ebooks cheaper than their papery counterpart, that's called the "Buchpreisbindungsgesetz". There are a lot of discussions and arguments how to solve this but right now nobody really could answer that, even the European Union can't (or doesn't want) so solve the problem right now. So as long as this law exists, its nice to see Google Play Books in Germany, but it's not gonna lift off...

As far as I know the "Buchpreisbindungsgesetz" only specifies that a publisher has to set the price for an edition of a book and every store has to sell that edition for that price. But that applies for each edition of that book independently. Each edition of a book can have an individual price. Otherwise a paperback edition couldn't be cheaper than the hardcover. Unfortunately no bargain prices are possible and many publishers don't set the prices for their ebooks any lower than for the paperback editions.

So the problem isn't really the law (which should be abandoned nonetheless), but the publishers that still live in the past and can't see why digital books should be any cheaper than their much more costly produced paper siblings...