Seidio CONVERT combo case for the Nexus S

Tired of switching cases on your Nexus S (all models) anytime you need something extra rugged?  The Seidio CONVERT Combo case for the Nexus S is something you'll want to have a look at.  The first layer is the smooth and slim Seidio Surface, which offers a tasteful look and protection enough for everyday use, but combined with the top layer of rugged silicon skin and the plastic skeleton frame makes it perfect for outdoor activities or use on the job.  Top it off with the face-in belt holster and included screen protector, and you're ready for anything.

In either configuration you have access to all the ports and controls, and while the tough rubber skin is on everything is covered by a protective flap to seal out the dirt and dust.  These are easily opened for access to anything you would need to do, whether it be snapping a quick picture or using the microUSB port.  The headset jack has it's own cut-out, so the protective flap can be closed while you're jamming out or using a wired headset.

The included belt holster swivels and locks in place in seven different positions, so you're sure to find the one that feels just right.  It's also a great way to carry your Nexus S in the car while clamped to the sun visor.  The holding clip locks in place to keep it from opening when you don't want it to, but a quick flip of the latch allows you to open it easily.  No matter which flavor of Nexus S you're rocking, the Seidio CONVERT Combo case kit will give you just the amount of protection you need, and looks good while doing it.  Check out a slew of pictures after the jump, and grab it in the Android Central store for $47.95.

Seidio CONVERT Combo   Seidio CONVERT Combo

Seidio CONVERT Combo   Seidio CONVERT Combo

Seidio CONVERT Combo   Seidio CONVERT combo

Seidio CONVERT Combo   Seidio CONVERT Combo

Seidio CONVERT Combo   Seidio CONVERT Combo

Seidio CONVERT Combo   Seidio CONVERT Combo

Seidio CONVERT Combo   Seidio CONVERT Combo


Reader comments

Accessory review: Seidio CONVERT Combo for Samsung Nexus S


I have a Seidio active case on my issued BB tour and it is over a year and a half old and has been beaten to death and still in one piece. It is constantly being banged against a kydex double magazine holder that is next to it on my belt.

I have an Active on my personal droid X and it has save the X a few times. I have dropped the X on tile floor in a Market, on red rock, and in sand and so far NO damage to the X.

The first one I had lasted about three weeks before a film, covering the silicone rubber started to wear off where it overlapped the front of the X. I notified Seidio and in less than a week, they not only sent me a new silicone cover, but also a new skeleton and belt holster. That silicone cover has been on my X now for about six months and so far, NO wear shown. (Must have had a bad run, which can happen.) That to me, is great service.

Will I get another Seidio case when or if I switch phones? Heck yes!

My wife got me this case about a week after I got my Nexus.
It's perfect!
The hard shell already has a couple of nicks in it. Better that than the phone.

And if we are heading out someplace nice and I don't want the phone hanging on my belt, I just pop off the outer layer and slide it in my pocket. The inner case still keeps it protected.