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Everyone likes different music, so some of you out there probably won't find anything contained within that will whet your appetite. Personally, I love rock music. If there's guitars involved there's a good chance i'll give it a try. It's a pretty diverse category with so much different -- and killer -- music to offer. 

As more and more people get smartphones, we're starting to see musicians use apps as a new way to reach their fans. Everyone (well nearly everyone) uses Facebook, Twitter, Google+ to keep up with their idols. But what about an app? Like all apps the offerings vary in quality, but a lot offer some really nice features for fans to take advantage of. 

What we don't seem to have is just an RSS reader with a smattering of pictures and tour dates. Video catalogues, music clips, even notifications are all available from some of the biggest and best in the world of rock. We've picked out a selection of apps to get you started which you'll find linked below. 

If there's any that you guys feel deserve a mention, shout out in the comments and we'll build the list up. Lets rock!

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swtwc75 says:

John 5

Steve Vai

Rob Zombie

Black Label Society

Don't suppose you can get the market links for the top three could you? Don't seem to be able to find them.

turbocheke says:

It is a little off topic, but I have an app in which they appear some dead rockers, Flamma is the name of the game and the first three rockers listed are Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin & Bon Scott.

elvisgp says:

What about the band rise against? They are my favorite rock band and their music is very good. if you haven't listened to them yet, head over to YouTube or something and search for one of their songs, prayer of the refugee, in particular. Anyway, here's the app link.

jphanes24 says:

As I Lay Dying!!!

grunt0300 says:

Where's the Bulletboys, and how about AC/DC?

BlackMeddle says:

NUCLEAR BLAST FTW. Meshuggah rules.

area223 says:

Marilyn Manson! \m/

area223 says:

Accidental double post. Woops.

92turbo2 says:

post up rammstein, gotta represent germany correctly

robocopvn says:

SORRY BUT linkinpark, as i lay dying, or any kind of music called core IS NOT ROCK NOR METAL. IT'S COMMERCIAL MUSIC ONLY

Bivouac010 says:

Top 5

1. Jawbreaker 2. Minor Threat 3. Hot Water Music. 4. Black Flag 5. Descendents