Everyone knows that the best part of the Super Bowl is the great commercials. We saw plenty of great ones this year, as well as plenty that make us wonder "what were they thinking?" Of course Samsung got in on the action, as they understand the value of marketing like few other companies do. Case in point -- an ad with Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, and LeBron James can't be cheap to make.

Now that we've all seen it (if you haven't, look up) what do you think about it? Was it worth the money they must have spent, or would a commercial showing the product(s) and what it can do have been a better way to go? You know what we do when we want answers -- we run a poll. You'll find it after the break, be sure to let us know what you thought about the whole thing.


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AC asks: What did you think of Samsung's Super Bowl commercial?


Lame. Didn't even advertise anything "BIG" about it, unlike last year's SB commercial that blew Apple to shreds. LMAO

I wasn't impressed. It really didn't advertise anything other than the celebrities. But maybe "Galaxy" is a big enough name to not really have to anymore. Last year's commercial, however, was amazing.

I was gonna say the same thing. They advertised "actors" more that they advertised their products. You know what would have made it the most hyped/talked about commercial? If they, out of no where, introduced the Galaxy S 4. I guarantee you people would be talking and tech sites would be going crazy.

they weren't advertising anything. they used 2 whole minutes to work on making you believe, without you even knowing they were doing it, that Samsung is coming with the next big thing. You don't know what that is, you don't care what that is, all you know is that Samsung is bringing it, and it will be the next big thing.

To be honest; I missed it during the game. But like all of the commercials, even seeing it now, so what? It's lame like all mass advertising! WTF happened to innovative stuff? In this hyper consumerist society; nothing. It's all anti-climatic!

Agreed. It's about brand recognition. It was a funny commercial at that, especially if you are a fan of Breaking Bad. What commercial did they play last year?


At this point, if Samsung still has to spend money showing their products to their customers, they haven't been doing it right.

Yeah all the neckbeards would prefer to see 60 seconds of nothing but specs and product features, but for the target audience (superbowl commercial watchers) it was well targeted imo.


That needs to be added to the poll.
The guys are funny, but that ad was not up to par for a superbowl ad.

I'm a die-hard Samsung fanatic (own several Samsung products and even have one being delivered tomorrow HT-E5500W and another for Valentine's UN60ES8000), yet I have to admit to being underwhelmed by the ad. After the online campaign lead up, the commercial was disappointing.
Apple has long been a masterful marketeer. With Samsung rapidly closing in on Apple in the mobile market, I had hoped for a more memorable commercial.

Watched it earlier. It was stupid. Even to someone who isn't tech savvy, a lot of people will probably find it stupid. I don't like when companies get to the point where they know their product is a success and then they do some weird commercial to promote the brand as a whole. It comes off as arrogant. I didn't even find it funny.

The teaser they showed earlier in the week was better than this. They didn't really push the Note II or the tablet he had at the table, so "The Next Big Thing" has to be a reference to Samsung. Too bad, because the size of the Note II would have been terrific to clobber Apple over the head with.

Very underwhelming and comedy was average...but, at least they're back to ridiculing other companies rather than the alternative.

Last year they tried making fun of Apple, when that didn't work they started making fun of the customers.

Stupid, yes. Idiotic, yes.

Crap. Just like the 90% of this years' SB ads. At least I won't have nightmares about it like the GoDaddy.com commercial(shudders).

It would be nice if they spent more time showing how much a Samsung flagship phone craps on other flagship phones and not feeding the egos of 4 celebrities.

Phone manufacturers need to stop using celebrities, period.

As an advertisement for Samsung, no good. As a really funny 2 minute clip, I loved it. Throwing Bob Odenkirk in there channeling his Saul Goodman was genius. As much as I liked it, I totally agree that they didn't talk enough about the product. They spent, what, 3 seconds on the S-Pen? I didn't even know they were talking about the Note II most of the time. It could easily have been the GS3 they were using.

I didn't care one way or the other. I would've liked to have seen the device actually used more, but I'm not in marketing, so there's that.

first off that GoDaddy was better than the Hyundai commercial,so you got those wrong, but the Samsung commercial hit the nail on the head. Also, why didn't Apple have a spot? kind of weird...

Served no purpose what so ever. Too long & left me wondering WTF ? As a Samsung fanboy I was very disappointed.

Felt to me like Sammy just keeping flying the flag not really having anything to hawk at the moment. The GSIII is a hit as is the GN2. The Tabs seem to be doing better and a new one is close to release if reports are to be believed. This is an intermediate time for Samsung here in the States. The snuck in a lot of the key features, (spen, sbeam, etc), and showed off what looks like some cool new metallic like covers.

Their theme of keeping the brand funny has got them noticed. So far so good, looks like another 8 billion dollar quarter on the way.

Based on this comments section, you wouldn't know that the poll was 60% positive.

I personally liked it. Samsung has tons of awesome commercials that establish how much better their flagship devices are than others'. This commercial was about being memorable and hilarious, and it delivered. As far as the phone tech, it poked fun at how Samsung pushes S-Beam and the S-Pen and rightly assumes that because of the extensive advertising they do, you'll definitely know what they're talking about. They also poke fun at the celebrities they enlisted for the commercial and at that terrible LeBron James commercial, all while making a sly reference to Gangnam Style (featured in a pistachio commercial) and those creepy talking baby (specifically E-Trade) commercials.

In the end, we get an ad that is hilarious, doesn't take itself too seriously, and builds brand recognition. They can't all be about the hardware, people.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! The ad was aimed squarely at Apple fanboys. "One more thing" comes from the most memorable Mac World keynotes. The next BIG thing is a dig at the punny size of iPhones.

The ad was almost below the belt. No one in Cupertino is laughing. No one. I thought it was great!

What was that phone the Samsun rep had on the table? Looked like a clamshell something-or-other. I'm dreaming of something with a physical keyboard, of course.

if i knew who these people were it might mean something but i suppose unless your american the whole thing was a meaningless waste of money.

Who cares about this commercial rather it be good or bad true Samsung owners will always purchase another Samsung device they reign supreme.

This advertisement was entirely about establishing brand. It was about the words "Samsung" and "Galaxy".

If you dive into marketing you'll understand how important this is, and often times companies will advertise to build on their name and their brand without really pushing one particular product as a focus. It's quite common particularly in the automobile industry and I applaud Samsung for this. it was actually pretty funny too.

Maybe I'm one in a few, but I actually really enjoyed it. It was nice to see something a little different for once, even if it didn't show off any product features. I think the Galaxy line has become big enough that they don't always have to go that route.

It was moderately funny and said nothing about any product, which seemed to be a recurring them theme in Super Bowl commercials this year.

I thought it was weak, ultimately pointless, and 100% unfunny and this is coming from a Samsung supporter and multiple product owner.

I thought this was the weakest crop of Super Bowl ads that I can remember. I thought the Samsung ad was among the best last night, but as I said it was a very weak field. The Oreo commercial was pretty good, but the rest were mostly forgettable. Even the AMC spot featuring bad-ass Daryl was merely ok, and I'm a huge Walking Dead fan. I heard there was supposed to be a Carl's Jr ad featuring "the next Kate Upton", but I never saw it.

It came on after the game and, depending on where you live in the US, it was for either a Hardee's or Carl's Jr.

Another stupid commercial, reminds me of the Microsoft Surface commercial. It doesn't show a thing about the device or what it does. And people nag about Apple commercials at least they demo their products.

Huge fail. When the teaser spot (the one about avoiding trademark lawsuits) was more interesting than the commercial that actually aired during the game, something is plain wrong. Not enough tech shown. It was like those Note 2s were just some other props like the desk and the chairs.

So... I'm supposed to remember who Paul Rudd is? I seriously had to look him up, and I still don't remember him in anything... I remember Rogan because he's about as funny as lung cancer.

I know him by his face. He was Phoebe's boyfriend on Friends for a while. And he's been in a few movies like Anchorman and 40 Year Old Virgin. But the name Paul Rudd doesn't resonate with me. He's not a star by any means, but I do think he's funny.

Rogan, he's a little overrated, but he's still funny. He was good as the cop in Super Bad. But in his starring roles like Knocked Up and Zach and Miri Make a Porno, he was just ok. I think he's best as a side-show guy, like in Super Bad or 40 Year-Old Virgin.

Knocked Up is probably the best thing I've seen him in. But I agree, he's a better supporting actor than leading man. He reminds me of the guy who played George Costanza... GREAT supporting actor, but who in their right mind would cast him as a leading man?

As for Rudd, I just don't remember much about the guy. He just doesn't come to mind.I guess I need to revisit 40 yr old... It was OK, and when I see him again, I'll probably get the light bulb going off over my head.

I liked it. They should have done like Pepsi on their Pepsi Next commercial and just given away a few S3 or N2 to the first thousand or so that checked out their website... Way cheaper too, they spent $10 million for their Superbowl ad.

I thought it was hilarious. Like adception. LeBron James was the best part."maybe I'll do a cameo on one of the tablets" :-D

Lebron, Paul and Seth who? Bob Odenkirk man! Not many better ways to attract geeks than use the co-star of Mr. Show and scumbag lawyer from Breaking Bad!

Geez, some you people need to remove the sticks out of your rear ends! It was funny and light hearted.

Don't think many tech companies would spend 15 million to advertise it's products and have a bit of fun at their own expense.

Loved it. Point across without needing to resort to poking fun of other companies.

I loved it, I think it was aimed at people who are one step closer to buying a Samsung phone instead of people who haven't seen the Next Big Thing. I have my Note 2 and its AWESOME!!!!
Thanks Samsung....

for what it was supposed to do it was amazing..no new product, just a bunch of famous faces to get you on board with "The Next Big Thing"

I came to Android from Blackberry. First with a Galaxy Tab tablet, then a Galaxy Note 2. I like what BB10 potentially has to offer, along with what Android has already given me. And to put this in proper perspective, back in prehistoric times, I have done some advertising and public relations work.

The Blackberry Super Bowl ad was too much fluff for what they needed it to do. The Samsung ad is the only one that did even less for the product and the brand.

I think the whole point was to get a grown man to say, "I'll wear a diaper for Samsung".

That was the message. Received and understood, sir.