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With Christmas all said and done for yet another year, it's time for those at Google to start looking at the number of devices that got activated over the Holidays. Luckily, Andy Rubin anticipated our wondering and has given up the goods:

UPDATE: There were 3.7M Android activations on 12/24 and 12/25. Congrats team-android!

Also, as noted on his Google+ account from previously -- "activations" means you go into a store, buy a device, put it on the network by subscribing to a wireless service. It does not count devices that have been resold. That's a pretty nice number -- congrats team Android indeed.

Source: Google+

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And how many were crap phones that'll be used by people purely for texting and facebook?

chaz_uk says:

I doubt any Windows Phones are included in Rubin's figures....


ICU812 says:


hmmm says:

Who cares. Whatever gets app developers to develop for Android before iOS.

Developers care because not all phones can run the latest android API's. Or they don't have the hardware to run certain things. Hence the question on the crapphone. Like it or not there is a fragmentation issue with android. I can see it with the 3 phones I have. I have an EVO for personal, a Samsung infuse for work, and an Inspire for oncall on a special contract. When I go to some app are blocked from being loaded. Apple's FUD on OS fragmentation may be over played. But there are fragmentation issues on Android, this can not be denied by anyone who doesn't have fanboi glasses on.

Nice, this is a good number. Wonder how many were galaxy nexus phones.

ramonm2 says:

Man I wanna buy you a beer, mmmhhhhmmmm

Timelessblur says:

Well my Galaxy tab 10.1 is one of those devices they counted. It is my 2nd android device and I lready am seeing a huge improvement in the battery life of my Atrix as I will grab my tab to surf around home with.

icebike says:

If the tablet was wifi only, then it may NOT HAVE BEEN counted. Rubin was quite specific to mention wireless network in terms that clearly mean cellular networks, not home wifi.

No doubt the galaxy nexus was a major sale...

tronthedon says:

The number of activations is impressive, but now I'm wondering at what point will the market saturate.

skyboxer says:

The last time i was paying attention, we were still at less than 50% smartphone saturation. Im sure quitw a few of those were also upgrades from older android devices too.

There are just over 5 billion cellphones in use in the world according to the United Nations.

Just under 250 million are Androids.

Android's market saturation is under 5%.

5% is not much of a market saturation.

Also Rubin said earlier this month that they average 700,000 activations a day. This is 1,850,000 a day. That's about double. I bet they had more on Black Friday.

tronthedon says:

Thanks for the numbers :)

It's nice to see that there's still plenty of space to invade.

Unibrow says:

this doesn't include Tabs that aren't activated on a wireless provider correct? Nor does it count Kindle Fires sold. 4 people got a Fire alone in my family alone which I thought was pretty impressive. My dad also got a Transformer with the dock which is a pretty sweet piece of hardware but I'll be honest I prefer the size of the Fire when holding the device.

kpeste99 says:

Can you clarify if this includes the Kindle Fire? If not, any guesstimate as to how many more activations if it did include the Fire?

hmmm says:

If ASUS would get their act together I would be buying another one...maybe not "Activating" but it would be a purchase.

popartist says:

The post says "activations" means "put it on the network by subscribing to a wireless service." so I think it does NOT include the Kindle Fire or any tablets that don't have 3/4G capability. So add at least 4 million of those. :) I got a Kindle Fire too, am enjoying it greatly.

Jonneh says:

I know 3 people who got Fire's for Christmas as well.

gsmalleus says:

Yep, Kindle Fires were the gifts that everyone in my family received this year.

alex2792 says:

And all of the Android vendors pushing blue light special crap phones were still outsold by Apple alone.