24, the smash-hit show starring Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer, is back tonight with 24: Live Another Day. Set some 4 odd years after the events of Season 8, Live Another Day sees a shift from the 24 episode format of old, while still retaining the real-time action. It also sees the show leave the United States for the very first time. Oh yeah, this time it's going down in London!

The good news is that "24" fans new and old have a bunch of content to gorge on from the Google Play Store – as well as Amazon and Netflix depending where in the world you are. At 24 episodes a season and 8 seasons that's a lot of Bauer to relive! So, whether your poison is Google Play, Amazon or Netflix – and remember pricing may well be different region to region – hit the links after the break for all the classic 24 you can handle.

Google Play

Netflix (UK, Ireland, and Canada)

Amazon Instant (U.S. and UK)

Are you a 24 fan? If so, which seasons — and moments — were your favorite? And what are your thoughts on 24: Live Another Day?

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KidCuda says:

I'm super excited. Though I kinda wish there were 24 episodes so I can watch longer!

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I know, 12 just doesn't feel right!

samxool says:

Richard, all 8 seasons of 24 are also available to watch for free on amazon instant in the UK

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Thanks, will add it in :)

I often wish our TV show seasons didn't last as long as they do here in the U.S. I would much prefer 6 to 12 higher quality eps than 20 or so drag-the-story-along eps. But, 24 being based on 24 hours made sense. Have to see what the 12 ep format will do to the show.

ucfgrad93 says:

Agreed. I'm disappointed that it isn't going to be 24 episodes. If you are a Amazon Prime member you can watch these for free.

floriyann says:

Maybe they will extend it if it gets a lot of success at the start

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barondebxl says:

Man I am SO EXCITED!!! I can't believe the day has fi ally come. My favorite TV show of all time.
If you like action drama, there's absolutely nothing better made than 24.
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Season 5 and 7 are my favorite. But all are awesome.

seanjenkins says:

Dammit barondebxl! We don't have time for your mood swings now!

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barondebxl says:

Loool!!!! Dude I love this show man you just don't know!

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seanjenkins says:

The season prices are crazy when you can have them all on netflix for next to nothing.

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Quasar says:

Actually, they took them off Netflix. You have to have Amazon Prime.

seanjenkins says:

Still on UK netflix

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Quasar says:

That's cool. Lucky! :)

floriyann says:

The best seasons were probably the seasons 5 and 6! Those were just so badass!!
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samxool says:

They should rename 24 to The Jack Bauer POWER Hour!!!!

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flashvc says:

Awesome! Man, wished I lived in the states. I loved season 2 all the way through!

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Season 1 - 9/10
Season 2 - 9/10
Season 5 - 9.5/10
Season 7 - 8/10
Season 8 - 7.5/10

The rest was average, with good and bad episodes. A couple (Seasons 4 and 6) were just dumb.

btgrave says:

DAMMIT! It is almost time!

QBert says:

I have set the CTU ringtone as my ringer for my past 3 or 4 phones. Excited to see what this season brings!

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ScottJ says:

I think I saw one episode near the beginning of the run. Somebody tried to kill Bauer by paralyzing his diaphragm. Of course, he recovered to experience to more ridiculous peril in the same episode. It was then that I knew the show was way too over the top for my tastes.

The show makes MacGyver look like a documentary.

Quasar says:

When they took it off Netflix to give Amazon Prime exclusivity, my girlfriend and I couldn't finish watching the original show. I'm not going to watch the new season now. Maybe I'll catch it in the future if the whole show returns to Netflix at some point.

So... 24 isn't on Netflix in the U.S.?

Nope... Up until a few weeks ago, every episode was on Netflix - including the 2-hour made for TV movie (Which takes place between seasons 6 and 7.) But in the escalating war between Amazon Instant (prime or whatever) they scooped up exclusive streaming rights from Netflix. SO all the 24 content is gone and is now on Amazon Instant. This happened quite recently.

lightyear420 says:

Why bother with terrible services like hulu and netflix? Primewire is 100% free guys. Here's the 24 page:


debsawyer says:

Yes, Jack is back!!!

Madd54 says:

I need to break 3 legs in a row to justify watching this from Season 1. Thanks Sky tv for keeping this from free channels in the first place.

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