Eager users can sign up for a newsletter to keep up on progress

AgileBits, known for its 1Password multi-platform password manager, has announced officially today that a brand new Android version is in the works. Version 4, based on the small leaks shown, will be a big departure from the currently long in the tooth (and frankly ugly at this point) design currently on offer in the Play Store. Details are extremely light at the moment, but knowing that it is on the way and currently in beta testing is a big deal.

Although it isn't taking beta tester sign-ups at the moment, it does have a special newsletter list for those looking for updates on the development process of the Android version. If you're a 1Password user and are chomping at the bit for an update, you may want to sign up so you can be first to know when version 4 will hit.

Source: AgileBits; Newsletter Signup

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I'm using KeePass and the Android client Keepass2Android. It's working well for me. Wonder what features 1Password has that KeePass doesn't.

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artnoc310 says:

+1 for KeePass

NoNexus says:

Dashlane ftw

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Hunter Petit says:

Ironically, I forgot my password for Dashlane...

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DataHawg says:

Nothing beats Last Pass. Steve Gibson picked Last Pass apart and said it is absolutely rock solid for storing passwords securely. Not slamming this product but I will never switch. Only drawback is it cost $12.00 per year to use on Android. Free on PC though

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Gekko says:

Password Protected/Encrypted MS Word Document + OfficeSuite Pro + Dropbox.

NoNexus says:

Give me 15 minutes, I can brute force them easy

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Gekko says:

oh really? would you like to bet on that?

gottria says:


Gator352 says:


ScottJ says:

He's right. Office encryption is weak.

NoNexus says:

Sure give me a document

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AD93 says:

Anyone else notice that the picture has a nexus 5 running jellybean? What? I'm bored!

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lfeuln says:

I had the Mac iPassword 4 beta, and didn't have much in the way of feedback to contribute because it was fully stable. Really hoping the Android version is as good, I can't wait to never see the current version again.

indianajonze says:

i use msecure myself

tezgno says:

As a long time 1Password user, this is promising news. The 1Password app (aka 1Password Reader) hasn't changed since it came out back when Android was in the 2.0/2.1 days. It was basically an attempt to mimic the most basic features of the iOS app at the time and, over time, the iOS app has completed left the Android app in the dust. Recently, I contemplated leaving 1Password purely because the Android app isn't up to the same standards as the iOS app so seeing this gives me some hope that it will catch up with the rest of 2013.

steelew says:

I use roboform (since 2002-ish) It really is the best. I've tried most of the others. The one thing that seems to be missing is a password keyboard. The one thing you need to enter a password is a keyboard and if your passwords were integrated into it, then it would already be there when you need it. No more copying and pasting and wondering if the app you're in will close and make you start all over. That seems like the best fit. For now, I use ultra keyboard. It keeps my last 50 copies and I just hope I don't lose my phone.

tadgill says:

I got tired of waiting earlier this year. Made the leap to Dashlane ( and haven't looked back. Not quite as perfect on Mac, but don't feel like they treat Android and as an afterthought.

slashd0t says:

I also moved off of 1Password due to the fact they haven't even had a minor update in over 2 years for Android.. Tired of the "It's coming!" garbage..

Last Pass has been updated like 5 times in the last week alone.


Nexus 5 running JB, great job!

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Since I have used this app religiously on my iOS and Mac OS devices, I'm excited for this...

sidharth says:

Use lastpass and pretty happy with it. The new apps are much better.

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FortTech101 says:

What does this app do?
*Please disregard everything under this message.*

kalex says:

I bought desktop version and ios version back in the day, then switched to android and asked about android version. Response was "we are doing IOS and no plans for android" that was about 2 years ago. I switched to lastpass and voted with my wallet. Now I've been using lastpass for 2 years and its getting better and better. 1password - way overpriced - current version is $50 for desktop, limited mobile support. Oh well

topaz91385 says:

Signing up for the newsletter gets you put on a list for possible invitation to be a beta tester.

joediver says:

+1 for Dashlane Use it on S4,iPad and Windows

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Dan29466 says:

For those of you who don't know what "1Password" is or does, tough $#!+. You get five sentences and a picture. What were you expecting? Information? Pfft.

offonoff says:

I'm still using 1Password on my mac and since switching to an Android phone, I've been looking forward to this. Hopefully since they are a bit late in updating their app, they'll offer the new version at a discounted introductory price to also bring back their old users that have moved to other managers.