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If you missed out on a Samsung Nexus 10 earlier this week during the Nexus day pandemonium, there may be another chance. While the 32GB version is still showing as sold out, the screen we see here greets us when we head over to the 16GB page. We haven't tried purchasing -- namely because this writer isn't based in the U.S. -- but it's there for all to see. It seems to be potentially isolated to the U.S. Play Store, as the UK is still showing both sizes out of stock, but it might be worth checking where you are.

But, if you were disappointed to miss out on a Nexus 10, head over and try and snag one now. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you were successful, equally if you find any outside of the U.S. They're not likely to be around for long. 

Source: Google Play

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16GB Samsung Nexus 10 showing in stock in U.S. Google Play Store


i just want a nexus 4 :( when it does come back in stock whats to say this doesn't happen again would like my new phone before Christmas

Thanks for the lead. I just purchased two 16GB Nexus 10's from the Play Store here in the USA. Hopefully they show up on my doorstep in a couple of days.

I wish they would ship mine before they start selling more...
Still haven't gotten my send confirmation, and I ordered on tuesday...

i ordered mine yesterday when i saw it was back in stock. as of today still hasnt shipped. we'll see if its a true 3-5 business days til i receive it. isnt that false advertising?

My 32gb Nexus 10 didn't show as shipped until 11/16, which is the same day it arrived. So I'm pretty sure it went out on the 15th :)

Now that makes me believe what the rep told me this afternoon. He said that there were so many orders that the system isn't keeping. So possibly, I may get my N4 before I see any indication of it on their website. Since I haven't received a backorder email, I feel a bit better.

when the 10 came out on Tuesday i was more focused on getting the N4 16gb which i did i just am still waiting on shipping conformation but i got it ...yay i waited until thursday to buy the N10 but i was still checking the page a couple times a day and it was still open. in the drop down box of how many you want to buy it said 5 for the two days i was checking and when i finally bought the 16gb on Thursday it went down to four. idk if it was me who started the chain of events of it selling out but it was kinda freaky. oh and FYI i bought the N10 two days after the N4 and im getting the N10 tomorow and im still waiting on shipping from for the N4