Update: Reports of Hangouts failing to send and receive messages have greatly diminished. Aside from lingering back-ups, everything seems like it's back to normal now.

Google Hangouts has apparently been having sporadic issues today, but it seems as though just about everyone is having troubles with the service now. Over on our end, we're unable to send or receive messages in Hangouts apps or on the web, even though the website itself loads. More importantly for many of us, this is also causing issues for Google Voice and Project Fi users trying to send SMS.

Google Hangouts

Over on services like Down Detector there are thousands of reports coming in about the service not working properly. Twitter is of course filled with complaints about it as well. For what it's worth, Google's status dashboard for its enterprise-level G Suite apps showed a "service outage" that lasted over 45 minutes.

This isn't likely to last long, and no Google hasn't just unceremoniously pulled the plug on one of its seemingly unloved chat services, but it's still annoying and we're allowed to be frustrated. At least you know you're not alone in this struggle. We'll get through it together. (Also, we bet Allo is up!)

Are you seeing issues with Hangouts on your end? Let us know in the comments!