Google Play Music and Android Wear

If you've got the latest version of Android Wear — that is, Android 5.1.1 — and use Google Play Music, you now have a new option for controlling tunes on your watch.

There's a caveat here, however. You're not going to be flipping through your entire catalog of artists or albums or genres, which wouldn't really be a great idea on a watch anyway. (You also can't do that on Android Auto, for the same reason.) But you do have access to the "Listen Now," "Recent Playlists" and "Radio" features of Google Play Music.

"Listen Now" lets you flip through albums and playlists and radio stations that you've used recently. So it's handy for returning to something pretty quickly. "Recent Playlists" breaks down to songs that you've given the thumbs-up to, recently added songs and albums, and free and purchased material. And "Radio" calls up Google Play Music radio stations.

So that's a fun little feature to look forward to either in the new LG Watch Urbane and the newly updated ASUS ZenWatch. And might we see the browse feature in other apps on Android Wear? (Hint: Yes.)