Food, Health, Beauty, and more magazines, all from Yahoo

As Yahoo continues to refashion itself as a media and content portal, they're making even more improvements to their app — which now includes Yahoo's digital magazines. The magazines, which bring more long-form content to the Yahoo app then their previous news offerings, span the gamut of food, tech, beauty, movies, and health.

Yahoo's app also now sports improved customizations, including the ability to smartly display what content is displayed based on the things that you've previously viewed. And, as is more and more the case with Yahoo's apps these days, it's all presented in a clean and visually-appealing way. Yahoo's been putting a lot of work into their product in recent years, and it really shows in apps like this, as well as Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Mail, and even their Aviate launcher.

You can grab the Yahoo app for free from Google Play; check it out and let us know what you think.