Some great digital art from some great people, and great prizes will soon be on their way

Last week we told you about a Pen.UP, Samsung's new social network for people who like to create and share digital art, and got with Samsung to hold a contest where people could show off their best stuff. Last night, things closed down and we had to sort through and pick three winners, who are about to get some great prizes from Samsung. 

Everyone has been contacted and we can share what we thought were the three best entries. Hit the break and see them.

First place


First place and the prize of a Note 3, a Galaxy Gear and a S-View Flip Cover goes to natehoch96 for this picture of Walter White. 

Second place


The second place prize — a Galaxy S4 and a S-View Flip Cover — goes to MattC and his "Anchors Aweigh" piece.

Third place


The third place prize — A Massive Sound ESH70 wired stereo headset and a Flip Cover for any Samsung Phone — goes out to dianimator and her great under-the-sea work "Surprise!"

Congrats to each and every one of you, the competition was very stiff! Keep an eye on your inbox while we sort the details with Samsung to get your stuff on its way.