Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. We're happy to announce today some new features for the official Android Central App! If you've yet to give it a shot, you now have absolutely no excuse (not that you did before). And if you're already rocking the best Android news app around, it's time to update.

What's new, you ask? Why, we'll tell you.

First up is the ability to swipe between stories. Go forward. Or go back. We don't care. Just keep reading. It works fine for stories in the main feed, as well as in the subsections. And stories you swipe to should be marked as read in your main feed.

Android Central app

The other big change is how we handle image galleries. That is, we now support them. Look for the little image icon at the top of a post, next to the comments button. Tap, and you'll see the gallery.

On the back end, we've also added deep-linking support for Google, and better handling of Twitter cards. Plus we've got a number of bugfixes in this build.

We know, we know. You want more. And we'll give you more, we promise. One thing at a time, and we hope you enjoy these improvements. Thanks for taking the time to download our app. Leave a review if you'd like. We do read each and every one, and we respond to many of them. As always, you can download our app here, and find previous changelogs here.