What's all this, then?

Android Central Redesign

Oh, hello Android lover - welcome to the all-new Android Central! We've been spending the past few months giving your favorite site for Android forums, reviews, news, and information a whole new look and bringing new functionality to every page you visit.

Of course, any big redesign can bring bugs, so please go on and tell us both the good and the bad in this forum thread (and, yeah, please clear your browser cache if things look really bad). We'd love to take you on a quick tour, so join us, won't you?

The New Look

 Android Central

We like it, and we hope you do too. Sure, our words and photos now have a much prettier wrapper, but so do yours - check out the comments and the forums. Our team spent as much time sweating how your contributions to the Android community look as our own posts.

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The forums have a cleaner, clearer design and we've added features to every post that give you a clearer indication of which members are active. As always, you simply need to join our Android Community to get the full-width experience of the best and most-helpful Android Forums around!

Finding Android Content

Android Central Subnav

Truth: there is a lot of information on Android Central and even if you read every single blog post on the homepage every day, you're still not seeing everything we put up on the site. So we've added sub-navigation to near every page to help you find your way. Each section helps you both know where you are and find the biggest Android news and reviews on the site.

We've revamped all of our article listings to include more and clearer information about what you're clicking into. We've added a new Videos section to showcase the moving images we've posted. We've added links to the most popular Android Phones by carrier in the forums. We've added links to our Twitter, Facebook, and RSS feeds up top. We've added ....a lot.

More to come ...

What we've done so far is primarily a re-skinning so the site doesn't feel so last-decade. What's next, though, is also going to be pretty exciting. We'll be taking the covers off some new features just as soon as we've got 'em ready, but in the meantime please do go on and tell us what you think in the comments here and let us know if you find bugs in this forum thread. Our glorious mascot, Lloyd, will thank you.