Let's go places... how do we get there?

One of the most important devices our smartphone has replaced is the GPS navigation unit. Being able to search for a restaurant, tap one and be directed straight to it without having to type it into a separate device is just wonderful. Being able to send someone a location in a text message, or to pull a location from an email and have my phone automatically pull up the route was liberating, to say nothing of the fact that GPS units were unwieldy, expensive, and had to be updated via computer or SD card frequently, but not frequently enough that it would stop directing you to closed stores or trying to drive you over destroyed bridges.

Naturally, a navigation app is useful not only when you're traveling — either for business or pleasure — but they also come in handy during your everyday commute. Some apps can see traffic ahead on your normal route and warn you, even if you're not actively using the app. While most Android phones already come with one navigation app — or more, if your carrier deigns to really bloat up your phone — that doesn't mean there's not a number of decent options out there. In recent months, Nokia's HERE Maps has captured the attention of a number of users, and while Waze may have been bought by Google and some of its features integrated into Google Maps, many still use it for the ability to report obstacles, delays, or speed traps hands free. Paid navigation apps like CoPilot and Navigon are sought after by data-strapped or advanced users for their offline abilities and premium feature sets.

So what are you using? Is Google Maps good enough for you, or do you need the precision and downloadable maps that CoPilot and Navigon offer? Or is Nokia's upstart HERE Maps surprising you? Vote, and chime in with why below in the comments!