Reading is for more than beaches and parks now; you can read anywhere you bring your Android.

Thanks to eBook readers, apps, and scores of eBook collections — free or paid — you can have a whole library in your pocket anywhere in the world. And while you could be spending your time on your smartphone or tablet buying and playing your way through another conquest on Clash of Clans or zipping around reddit or Twitter looking for funny cat pictures, reading books on your smartphone is often overlooked endeavor that you may want to consider picking back up. And as we dive into Reading on Android this week, we want to see what reading app our readers are using to read their ebooks electronically.

Amazon Kindle has long been the standard eBook app, stemming from the Amazon Kindle line of eReaders and forked Android tablets. With the recent addition of Kindle Unlimited — a subscription that lets subscribers read most of the volumes in the vast Kindle Book store for a flat fee — Kindle has become even more lucrative to many a bookworm and their parents. For Amazon's high-profile status and availability on most platforms, it's far from the only eBook platform out there.

Google Play Books has made some good strides in recent years, and now can go toe-to-toe with the Kindle as a reading app. The Books section of the Play Store isn't quite to the vast number of titles as Amazon, but it's much better than it was and growing every day. Barnes & Noble's Nook hasn't fared quite as well as other eReaders for exposure due to the lackluster Nook tablet line, but its eBook app is still drawing in millions of readers. Kobo has had better luck than Barnes and Noble, but is still somewhat unknown to many readers.

And of course there are many other eBook apps that are competing for your books and your attention as a reader, including subscription book service Scribd and ePub reader Moon+ Reader. So what are you using, and which one takes the crown in your app drawer? What are you reading right now? Share your apps and your book recommendations in the comments below!