The Walking Dead by Telltale games has hit the Google Play store, offering dramatic, action-packed gameplay. All five episodes plus the extra 400 Days DLC are available through a single in-app purchase, and you can enjoy the first episode for free.

For those unfamiliar, The Walking Dead is an outstanding comic and television series about a group of survivors in a zombie apocalypse. Though the game here has little to do with those series, you'll find just as much cinematic excellence. Players have to make snap life-or-death decisions, complete rigorous gauntlets of reflex gameplay when fighting off the undead, and, worst of all, live with the decisions you've made from one episode to the next.

Telltale is working on a lot of other games along this vein. They just launched season three of their original series The Wolf Among Us on PC and consoles, and they've got licensed series for Borderlands and Game of Thrones in the works. With any luck, we'll see these games come to Android sooner than later. The art style, though cartoony, is hugely expressive and the stories aren't lacking for maturity.

The Walking Dead is an emotional game, and probably one of the best you'll play on your Android device. Go get it. Trust me.