TV and Movies

The TV and Movies app for your Google TV has a major update in process, making the app more personalized to your choices for content, better favorites management, and a star ratings system to help sort it all. 

TV and Movies isn't a player -- it's Google's ultimate entertainment search application, sorting content from your cable or satellite provider, apps like Netflix and HBO Go, and even Amazon and providing you with information about programming. With today's additions, things got a little more personal and shows and channels you like will be easier to find. And the star ratings system helps you discover new content based on your previous ratings. Popular services like Netflix already do something similar, but with Google's special sauce on search, we imagine that this will be a great way to discover new content and programs that you really want to see. Last but not least, the Trending this Week shelf gives a list of what's trending on all of Google search from the web, so you have an idea of what other folks are watching and talking about. While we're waiting for the next generation of Google TV hardware, it's great to see the team working some magic on the software side.

Source: Google TV blog