THX tune-up

Get the most out of your home theater with the help of THX

So you have a home theater in your house that you want to use to watch the Super Bowl or Olympics, but it just isn't running quite the way you had wanted. Whether you need to optimize the video quality or change the audio levels to improve your sound system, you will want to download the THX tune-up application.

The app works by launching a series of step-by-step instructions to walk you through a series of tests. These tests include Video Features, Audio Features and Bonus Features. Inside the Video Features you will be able to adjust aspect ratio, brightness, color and more, while the Audio Features will make sure the correct speakers are being used at the right time through phase adjustment and some other tweaks as well.

If you are looking to take better control over your home theater system you'll definitely want to check out THX tune-up for your Android device now. The application is currently free until February 3rd, when it will jump up to a $1.99 purchase.