Android Central Superfooter

Maybe you've noticed that we've been sprucing up the place over the past few months. And we're certainly not done, folks. More great things are in store. But for today, we'd like to ask for your feedback.

Hit the break to find out how you can help make the Greatest Android Website in the World even better.

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Above is a handy little video featuring some of the bigger additions to the site over the past couple of months. Chances are you've already seen things like the story filter or Superfooter. And it's the Superfooter that we'd like you to focus on for a few minutes.

We've got a quick 25-question survey we'd like you to take regarding the Superfooter. There are no ulterior motives here. We want to make this site even better than it is now, and we want you to have a part in keeping Android Central the best Android community around. Thanks, and we look forward to reading your feedback.

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