The Telegraph Android App

The Telegraph, long respected British broadsheet newspaper, have announced they are to launch a new application for Android. 

Not content with just pushing their printed content to a mobile app, The Telegraph's offering will also bring with it breaking news, live financial data, picture galleries and video content. 

Perhaps the best feature though -- well for soccer football fanatics like myself -- is how The Telegraph will be handling their football coverage. Live scores, tables, fixtures and results are a given, but subscribers in the UK will also be able to access Premier League highlights courtesy of ESPN. Goals can even be viewed when a match is still being played. 

The usual social network sharing options are on board, so your friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter can see the news stories you want to share with them. A customizable homepage is also thrown in for you to tailor the content you want to see.

Print subscribers -- and iPad subscribers if you're into that sort of thing -- will be able to take advantage of this application free of charge. The rest of us will have to pay a subscription fee, but The Telegraph are offering a free one month trial before you commit. No launch date has been given as yet, but is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. 

Source: The Telegraph