Fresh from the dev who made opening links a little less painful with Link Bubble and home screens even more productive with Action Launcher, developer Chris Lacy has just unleashed TapPath — giving us even more power over the links we tap.

Here's the gist: Once TapPath is active, you have three ways of routing links. Tap once to open in, say, Chrome. (Which happens to be set as the single-tap default). Tap twice on a link to open in another app. (I've got mine set to Hangouts for easier sharing.) And tap three times to open the selector and route the link to any of your available apps.

It takes just a little getting used to — you might need to adjust the tap delay in the (nicely Material Design) settings — but TapPath quickly emerges as a fast and easy way to share links just about anywhere. It's absolutely worth the 99 cents and a few minutes of your time.