Android guide

Alongside the launch of Lollipop, Google updated the official Android website with a guide for users switching from iOS to Android. Apple wrote a similar guide on how users can switch from Android to iOS during the debut of iOS 8, so it's only fair that Google is making a transition guide after introducing the latest version of Android.

The guide features four categories that let users make the transition with a minimal amount of fuss. Included are instructions on how to transfer images and videos from an iPhone or an iPad to Google+, syncing contacts from iCloud over to Gmail, moving content from iTunes to Google Play Music, and setting up e-mail accounts. And lest you forget, Google is here to remind you that you should turn off iMessage before moving to Android.

If you're interested in making the switch, be sure to also check out our how-to guides on how to move your iTunes content to Android and bringing iCloud contacts over.

What do you guys think of Google's iOS to Android guide?

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