Folks who know how to get the best deal on selling their current phone to pay for their next one already know about Swappa. It's the best service on the planet for quickly buying or selling phones, and one of the few experiences where the buying and selling process feels safe and friendly. Most of that is due to having a live support team to help deal with problems at all times, but it also helps that Swappa is focused on being a tech reselling service specifically.

Over the years Swappa has grown to support many different kinds of phones and tablets and Chromebooks and has even acted as a third-party system for buying and selling VR hardware now, but it's all done through the website. That's fine if you're at a desk, and works well enough if you're using a mobile browser, but the new Swappa app really pulls the whole experience together on your phone.

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If you've used Swappa before, the app won't surprise you. Go to the carrier you're interested in, swipe until you find the hardware configuration you want, and you can either look at existing listings to consider purchasing or create a new listing to see your tech. Creating a listing in the app is just as quick and thorough as it is on the website, making it so you can have your phone out there for people to buy within minutes. It's simple, straightforward, and makes the case for never really needing to use the website for much anymore.

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