Vic Gundotra

It's worth mentioning that for everything we saw in the Day 1 keynote at Google I/O, one "feature" of years past was noticeably absent -- there weren't any major jabs at Apple and the iPhone.

No references to 1984. No talk of a "draconian" future. Google just showed what it came to show -- even giving glimpses of the new and improved Google+ on the iPad.

Apple, at their WWDC event just two short weeks ago, didn't exactly display the same level of maturity. Right from the get go, during Siri's opening comedy routine, Apple went straight at Google and Android -- ICS, Jellybean, who's making up these names, Ben & Jerry? -- and continued the theme throughout the show. Apple SVP of iOS, Scott Forstall referred to ICS as a "dairy product", and once again claimed Google had a negligible amount of tablet apps. 

If that's so, why all the attention? Why not concentrate on their own products and take the high road...?

Now, the Day 2 keynote is today. There's still plenty of time for the barbs on the browser side (though with as poorly as Chrome's been running on the Mac recently, we kinda doubt it). But kudos to Google for staying on message, showing us some great hardware and software, and leaving the pettiness to the other guys.