As part of Google's I/O 2014 developer conference, software company Sensopia has announced plans to launch a version of MagicPlan, their interior mapping app, specifically for Google's Project Tango smartphone and tablet devices

Sensopia stated, "MagicPlan automates the capture of room measurement, shape, and documentation - creating a comprehensive floor plan and a map of any indoor space." The app is currently available for both Android and iOS devices. The company said that Google invited them to participate in the development of Project Tango and that Sensopia saw that Google's technology could make MagicPlan an even better application.

The company offers up some more information on how this new version of MagicPlan will work with the Project Tango sensor technology:

First, it will allow switching from floor to ceiling corners automatically. Although it is possible in the current version, it requires measuring the ceiling height with the device prior to the capture. Second, it will free the user from the current procedure, allowing movement in the room. In other words with Project Tango a user can freely move towards a hidden corner to see it.

There's no word on when the app will be released.

Source: Sensopia