One of Samsung's newest TVs is on sale today. You can get the Samsung 75-inch 4K TU8000 smart TV on sale for $997.99 at Amazon. That's an all-new low for a TV that was selling for as much as $1,280 in February and hadn't dropped below $1,200 until this sale. Today's price puts it within $300 of the 65-inch version of the TU8000, which is huge considering the jump from 65 to 75 is usually hundreds more. You can find this deal or something close to it at other retailers. For example, the same TV is $999.99 at Best Buy.

4K and Beautiful

Samsung TU8000 2020 75-inch 4K smart TV

This TV has only been available since February so it's very new and has never dropped this low. It includes 4K resolutions, HDR support, built-in voice assistance from Alexa and Samsung's Bixby, and a smart platform with all your favorite apps.

$997.99 $1200.00 $202 off

If you're looking for a huge screen with 4K resolutions, you won't find a better bargain anywhere right now. The TU8000 is perfect when size and resolution are the most important. Not to mention, this is not an older model TV. The TU8000 was released as part of Samsung's 2020 lineup and has only been around since February. That means whatever tech is in this TV is the latest and greatest from Samsung.

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Not only do you get 4K resolutions, but the TU8000 also has an ultrafast processor that will transform everything you watch into 4K, including upscaling lower resolutions to Ultra HD-level picture quality. The TV also supports HDR content through the HDR10+ and HLG formats.

Use all the smart features to make watching TV a more convenient experience. The set includes built-in voice assistance from Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or even Samsung's Bixby. Control the TV with your voice. Change the channels, adjust the volume, get relevant information like the weather, and so much more. You can also use the built-in smart platform to find all of your favorite streaming apps.

The TU8000 is one of Samsung's budget models so it does lack some of the more advanced features of the other members in the Samsung 2020 lineup. For example, it has no local dimming, which means it lacks the contrast ratio seen in more advanced models. And while it does support HDR, the TV does not have a very high peak brightness. It also uses a VA panel, which means it lacks the viewing angles and color gamut that would make this a primary centerpiece for your home. However, you're also saving hundreds versus TVs that might hit those marks. So whether the savings are worth it is up to you.

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