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We thought Samsung's Black Friday promotion was pretty good, but its Cyber Monday one is even better. You can take your pick between a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, or Galaxy S9+ and then add your choice of an all-new Echo Show or an Echo Spot + 2nd-gen Echo at no additional cost. That sounds pretty awesome, right? Oh, wait, we forgot to mention that in addition to all of this, Samsung is discounting the cost of all the phones by up to $200, which means you can get the Note 9 with extras for $799, or an S9+ for $640 or the regular S9 for $520.

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All you have to do is head to this landing page, and then start by selecting which phone you are interested in. Once you've selected that, you'll need to figure out which Echo package you want, and then which color phone you want, and click the corresponding button. This will take you right to the product page to complete your purchase.

This offer is good for today only, so be sure to get in on it now and not miss out!

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