Samsung's new processors are more processor than you can handle

Samsung has announced their newest processors, the Exynos ModAP. The Exynos ModAP chipset brings together a quad-core application processor (the AP part) with a LTE-A-capable modem (that'd be the Mod). Built on a 28nm process, the chip's designed to offer speed and power efficiency, all while keeping things cool (hence the ice motif of yesterday's teaser).

The Exynos ModAP of course builds on Samsung's preceding five years of processors, and will likely find its way into a variety of Samsung devices — including the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The LTE modem supports LTE Release 9 and Cat 4 with duplex mode, FDD, and TDD, and the requisite 2G and 3G radios as well.

In addition to the quad-core processor and LTE-A modem, the Exynos ModAP also includes an advanced image signal processor so "devices with high resolution cameras can enjoy full capabilities like video recording in higher quality or playing back graphics in higher quality or format with no lag or buffering." When it comes down to brass tacks, Samsung claims the processor can handle an 8-megapixel 30fps feed.

There's also a new "The Exynos RF companion chip" that is optimized to "enhance the way mobile devices handle various modes of connectivity" for better data transfer speeds and seamless connection hand-offs — and it is, of course, designed to work best with the Exynos ModAP.

It will likely be a little while before we see Exynos ModAP processors making their way into the world, but we can expect that we'll see the same sort of efficiencies out of the more unified chipset as Apple has managed to squeeze out of their A-series processors.

Source: Samsung

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