Samsung Gear 2

Samsung has revealed that its Gear line of smartwatches now boast over 1,000 apps. The South Korean manufacturer is intent on gaining more traction with its smartwatches as it looks to flood the market with more offerings, with a smartwatch boasting a circular display rumored for an unveil later this year.

In an infographic on its blog, Samsung has detailed some of the top apps that are available for the platform and how they are tailored for the smartwatch form factor. A thousand apps may not be a lot when compared to mobile app stores, but it is a key figure when talking about the wearable ecosystem. The only other vendor that has managed to reach the milestone is Pebble, which announced that it has a thousand apps in its app store earlier this year.

Although Samsung may have a lot of apps tailored for its smartwatches, it is to be noted that not all are supported by all models the manufacture currently sells. While the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, and Gear 2 Neo are all Tizen-based, the Gear Fit runs on its own operating system and the Gear Live is based on Android Wear.

What do you guys think of Samsung's efforts in the smartwatch segment? Would you prefer to side with the manufacturer over other vendors like LG and Motorola? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow